Best Manicure Salons: NYC


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You know it’s true: Manicures cure everything. Bad day? Manicure. Stressed out? Manicure. Celebratory mood? Manicure. Drop like it’s hot? Manicure.

Manicure. Manicure. Manicure.

In the spirit of all things mani, here are our 3 favorite salons in New York.

Forget the MOMA, make nail art your modern art.

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If you’re just venturing into nail art, Paintbox on 17 Crosby Street will make you an addict. Here, less is more. Try their colorful half-moons or metallic foil looks.

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Valley NYC


Every so often you might luck upon a Gilt City Valley NYC voucher. Our advice? Snatch it up. They go extremely quickly. And, for good reason. The nail artists at both the 198 Elizabeth Street and 237 West 15th Street locations are pros at musical festival ready nail designs.

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Vanity Projects

Let’s just say the folks at Vanity Projects pay close attention to detail.  But, like, no kidding though, they’ve got artists-in-residence. Your nails are the canvases to, well, endless possibilities of anything and everything. Have it your way in regular, gel, or acrylic on 99 Chrystie Street.

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Remember to make reservations! Some of these salons have a long waitlist!

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