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This post is brought to you by Hulu. Don’t be left out of the conversation! Be sure to catch up on the latest episodes of New Girl and Scandal on Hulu before the season finales air on May 5 and May 14.

So I’m a bit of a television junkie with Scandal and New Girl being two of my favorite shows.  Catching up with both on Hulu is a Saturday afternoon favorite of mine and with the finales coming up (Scandal on ABC May 14 and New Girl on FOX May 5) I’ve gone into Olivia and Jess overload.

I tend to get dressed everyday with a theme of some kind in mind, especially if I’m shooting a street-style piece that day for TheLoDown.  From downtown chic to beach ready, my street-style shoots allow me to take on a character for a moment and I’m constantly being inspired by outside influences.  I thought in the spirit of good, clean fun that adopting the fashion sense of two of my favorite television ladies for the blog would not only be inspirational, but serve as reminder to get as pumped as I am for the season finales of these upcoming shows. Popcorn party, anyone?  I can make myself available to host.

Let’s begin with some vintage vibes for spring, yes?  I think Jess would approve!


Loving this floor-length floral silk dress by WHiT.  Jelly gladiator sandals are Jason Wu for Melissa, bag is Nasty Gal and sunglasses are SPY.  Jess would totally rock this on a Sunday afternoon running errands, right?


I’m having a full-stop moment for these amazing jellies.  They even smell nice – like a scent was injected into the rubber, no joke.


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Now let’s amp things up for my Scandal-ous fashion moment.  My work is mostly creative so I don’t have a lot of traditional work attire, but I think Olivia would be proud.  I’ve put on stockings for her for goodness sake…


Can I be a gladiator in this, Liv?  Jacket by BCBG, pants by Derek Lam, shoes by Kurt Geiger London, bodysuit by Wofford, stockings by L’Agent, and gold scarf necklace by Auden.


This necklace seems perfect for wrangling bad guys.


Nails on fleek.


Killer heels.

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So, that’s it, ladies and gents!  My season finale-inspired shoots were a blast to put together.  I love creating different looks, and imagining myself as Liv and Jess from Scandal and New Girl for a day is getting me even more amped for the season finales.  If you’ve missed some of the episodes head over to Hulu to catch up!  And I’m serious about those finale parties…

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