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[infobox subtitle=”in a FashionFit” bg=”gray” color=”black” opacity=”on” space=”30″ link=”no link”]Watch Your Wrist[/infobox] Ain’t no secret that health and wellness are pretty major for me: I work out 6 days a week and have focused quite a bit on food as fuel.  My other area of interest?  Looking dope, obviously.  Put ’em all together and out pops my favorite new accessory: my FashionFit watch from Anne Klein.  It’s chic, comes with lots of different band options, and is helpful for tracking health and wellness goals without buzzing on your wrist all day long.  The best part? It’s a useful piece of wearable technology that comes in at $119!  Looks prettier and feels easier to manage than another piece of wearable tech that just debuted, right?


This baby tracks a ton of things from an app on your phone – how many steps you’ve taken, distance, sleep patterns, and calories burned.  I’m a sucker for data and getting a peak inside what my personal routine entails everyday is pretty fun.  The part I’m enjoying most is the distance meter – I walk almost everywhere around NYC and knowing how far I’ve gotten everyday is really fun.


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Have you gotten into the wearable tech trend?  If so let me know in the comments below!  Here’s to being Fashionably Fit!

  1. Love this! I just got a fitbit the other day and I’m currently loving it. The only thing I don’t love is that it doesn’t have a watch! I am thinking about investing in the leather Tory Burch cover that fitbit offers on their website. Its such a nice piece of jewelry and keeps my fitness goals right on track.xx, Tessa |

  2. How does it compare to the fitbit? I want to invest in one of the two but I would like to know what characteristics differentiate them from each other! 🙂

  3. Hi! I just bought this watch (actually this is my 3rd… I had to exchange the previous 2) and I can’t get it to turn on! I let it charge for 3-4 hours, the lightening bolt shows up while it’s in the charging pod, but when I take the face out and put it into the watch I can’t get it to do anything! Am I doing something wrong?? Heeeeeelp!!!!

    1. Hi ally did you ever get help on this. I literally have returned it multiple times and none of the watches work. I really liked the watch, but I guess it’s not a good investment AT ALL.

  4. Has anyone actually found a resolution for the watch not turning on besides returning it over and over until getting a working one? I purchased one recently, and the screen lights up while charging, but will not turn on when removed from the charger no matter what I try. I let it charge for 5-6 hours when I initially purchased it, then removed it from the charger. I have tried pressing multiple times (and holding) the 3 o’clock button, pressing multiple times (and holding) the 9 o’clock button, and combinations of both buttons, all to no avail.

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