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[infobox subtitle=”10 Korean Beauty Products to Buy” bg=”pink” color=”white” opacity=”on” space=”30″ link=”no link”]Cute and Worth It[/infobox] The United States’ fascination with Korean beauty products only started several months ago, and truly, it’s hard to believe that it’s taken this long to catch on. With great formulas and the cutest packaging, they’re just what you need to reinvigorate your beauty shelf. The best part? No need to fly to Korea to buy them. They’re easily available within the U.S through retailers like Sephora and Urban Outfitters (thank @god). Great products, cute packaging & convenience — all of the things we love.

If you’re absolutely stumped on what to buy, have no fear because TheLoDown is here. We’ve gathered the ten Korean products you’re desperately missing. Read on…

The Face Shop Lovely Me:Ex Pastel Cushion Blusher:

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Fullfill all your powder blush needs with The Face’s Cushion Blusher.

Tony Moly Egg Pore Tightening Pack Mask:

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Does it get any better than having your face mask come in an egg? No, it doesn’t.

Mizon Good Night White Sleeping Mask:

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Give your face the overnight treament with Mizon’s Good Night Mask, and wake up feeling refreshed.

Peripera Letter Me Waterproof Eye Crayon:

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Waterproofing your eyeshadow is as easy as coloring when you have Peripera’s Eye Crayon on your side.

Tony Moly Panda’s Dream Brightening Eye Base:

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Tired eyes and dark circles — be gone with Tony Moly’s Brightening Eye Base.

Holika Holika Egg Soap Special Set:

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Problems with oily skin? Holika Holika has you covered with their Egg Soap, which is proven to reduce blackheads.

The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Light Oil:

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Skip the face wipes. Opt for The Face’s Rice Water Cleansing Oil.

Erborian Perfect Morning BB Mask:

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Flawless-looking skin courtesy of Erborian’s BB Mask.

Tony Moly Pocket Bunny Sleek Mist:

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Oil-controlling mist with one-of-a-kind packaging from Tony Moly. Win-win.

Peripera Ah Much Real My Cushion Blusher:

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The only blush you need. A+ all around for Peripera’s Cushion Blusher.

Have you jumped on the Korean products band wagon? What products are you using? Let us know below!

  1. This is awesome! I have been hearing SO much about Korean skin care but haven’t been able to try it. I live in a smaller city and we don’t really have places to buy stuff like this. I am excited to move to LA so I can find some of these things. I can’t wait to try them out!! I love new face products so this makes me excited.xx, Tessa | http://www.abrunettewithbaggage.com

  2. I have found a lot of great skincare products from Korea. I like the Korean brand Laneige, especially their Perfect Renew skincare line. Laneige is owned by the same company that makes the AmorePacific products found at Sephora which are also great. You can find Laneige at Target. Another Korean product I enjoy using is Skin Food’s Black Sugar Mask. It is a rinse off exfoliating mask that smells amazing and makes your skin really soft.

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