My New Apartment Tour!


[infobox subtitle=”Homepolish + AllModern” bg=”gray” color=”black” opacity=”on” space=”30″ link=”no link”]My New Digs[/infobox] I moved to Nolita from the west side of Soho in late winter, working up until now to furnish and decorate my new apartment.  I shared a totally uncensored “Before” video of my apartment when I first moved in and I’m thrilled to share that the “After” reveal of my apartment is finally here!  I worked with the amazing team at Homepolish to create the vision for my new space even before the move happened, creating mood boards with my designer Justin Di Piero to arrive at a fabulous plan that considered all of my requests!  My #1 goal?  To create a finished and warm space that felt grown-up, updated, was perfect for cooking and beauty video shoots for my YouTube channel and welcoming to my friends.  My other partner in crime that made my apartment dreams come true?  My wonderful friends at AllModern and Joss & Main – the sources from which I selected quite a few pieces for my new space.  Just want to say THANK YOU to everyone that participated in this great project.  Head to the bottom of this post for both the “Before” and “After” videos (“After” courtesy of Refinery29) and enjoy the photos!

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The Living Room









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The Dining Room





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The Kitchen




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The Bedroom





Photos courtesy of Claire Esparros for Homepolish

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So…what do you think of the new space?  I’m seriously loving it, especially the combination of some of my old pieces with the new.  I wanted a completely fresh start but didn’t have it in me to clear out everything I’ve ever owned so it’s a nice mixing of the two.  I think my favorite room is the dining room – it doubles as an office for me and I work from home so I’m thrilled that it turned out so lovely!

Interested in grabbing some of the pieces I chose for my new space?  Head on over to AllModern and Joss & Main now before they sell out!


The “Before” and “After” Video Tours






  1. Lo! What a wonderful place you made this one. I’m honestly 110% in love with your apartment. Everything is so clean and young, it matches your spirit, age and we can relate to the aspects you use in your videos at the same time.Congrats to you and the team for the amazing job! Xo

  2. So pretty and peaceful! I love that coffee table and the touch of acrylic throughout the rooms. It feels like you brought in a lot of your Cali style to New York!

  3. Hello!
    What a lovely apartment! I have seen your “before” video, and i think the result is absolutely great and inspiring! It really looks very modern, stylish and very cosy. You really managed to create a lovely little space!
    I loved furnishing and decorating in my home, when i moved in two months ago, and still there are some spots to work on. But it’s so much fun, to make yourself a home!
    Your apartment looks fabulous, and i really like reading your blog!

    Greetings from germany! : )

  4. I love it and I love interior decorating! Nice way to make functional space of a small apartment. I don’t like so much the dis of IKEA. Not everyone can afford designer(s) and high end furniture, especially the girls in your target demographic. Maybe the more commendable and far- reaching post would feature how to furnish an apartment using items from IKEA, Target, etc while on a budget. Nice direction, though, and I do love the look!

  5. Your new place is amazing! I would love to live in such a gorgeous place. You did a great job in decorating! I love all the accent pieces!

  6. Hello-I was wondering where the shelf/stands in the kitchen cabinets are from? I didn’t see them on joss & main or allmodern. Thanks!

  7. Your apt looks AMAZING. I’m obsessed with that purple couch! I love how modern and stylish it is, but there’s an underlying warmth to it that makes it look so cozy. All of that gorgeous natural light is to die for. great job!

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