Kendall and Kylie For Topshop


[infobox subtitle=”The Best From the Jenner’s Topshop Collection” bg=”red” color=”white” opacity=”on” space=”30″ link=”no link”]Try To Keep Up[/infobox] By now, you’ve definitely heard of Kendall and Kylie’s capsule collection for Topshop. Otherwise, we’re going to assume you’re living under a rock… If you’re not keeping up (get it?) with the Jenner sisters’ latest design move, we’ve got you covered.

Inspired by California and all ~West Coast vibes~ in general, it’s just what you’d imagine — floral prints, distressed denim and billowy tops. But somehow, and maybe it’s just because Kendall and Kylie injected a sense of effortless cool into the collection, it’s so so good. Leave it to Topshop to recognize their designing power (and massive public appeal).

Browse five must-haves from the collection below, and while you’re at it, stop by Blo Bar’s pop-up shop at Topshop’s Fifth Ave location in New York City for a new summer ‘do. Curious? Check out the full event deets below!

#1: When In Doubt, Vacation Sweater — Because who could argue with that logic?

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#2: Floral Print Cut-Out Jumpsuit — For those with #LegsForDays.

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#3: Ripped Denim Shorts — It’s basically a requirement that all California girls have to own a pair of ripped denim shorts, right?

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#4: Golden State of Mind Tee — California Vibes all the way.

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#5: Floral Print Shorts — Can’t commit to a romper? This is where shorts come in clutch.

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EVENT ALERT: Blo Blow Dry bar X Topshop — Topshop is parterning with Blo Blow Dry, Brooklyn-based nail salon Lady Fancy Nails and Melt Bakery to host a Summer Concession Pop-Up at their 5th Avenue shop. If you’re looking for a new summer ‘do, try out one of four hairstyles (or bring a picture of a style you’re looking for) from Blo in just 20 minutes. Dry styles are $30 so whether you’re feeling a summery braid or a bun fit for a garden party, you’ll be glam in no time. Lady Fancy Nails ($40) and ice cream sandwiches from Melt Bakery ($5) will also be available to create the perfect summer evening. The event runs Thursday, June 11th through Sunday, 14th. (12-7pm both days). Just book your appointment at, and you’re set to go.

Featured photograph by Paula Ho

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