Father’s Day Gift Guide


[infobox subtitle=”…is a comin'” bg=”green” color=”white” opacity=”on” space=”30″ link=”no link”]June 21st[/infobox] Dads. What would we do without them?

Sure, they’re a little clueless at times. Overprotective? Definitely. Scary? Well, we guess there’s that too. But without them, without the great ones, we wouldn’t have the golden standard by which we judge all our potential suitors.

So, a gift guide and a toast. Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thanks for whipping up your wicked hangover cure that one time we really couldn’t get out of bed. Thanks for hating on the stupid, stupid boys who to this day, are still immature. Thanks for all the late talks and long walks. Thanks for being stern and all “Dad-like”, you know, when Mom wants to play good cop, bad cop. Thanks for all the laughs, and yes, the tears, too. Thank you. Thank you for everything.

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Book of QuotesDad's playbook


If the wisdom they spout isn’t already enough, here’s a man’s man manual on more right things to say.

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Tour de Mozzarella


Home-made pizzas with your cycling fanatic Dad just got better with this pizza cutter!

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Portable Briefcase Grill25350_zoom1


This grill is perfect for any pit master on the go!

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Your Dad’s a Ross Geller? No problemo. Buy him this bioluminescent dino-pet!

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PicMonkey Collage


But, if all else fails, stick to this new men’s grooming collection from L’Occitane. It’s currently quite the hot seller.

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What will you be getting Daddy-O this Father’s Day? Be sure to let us know!

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