Toss every rule about fashion you ever knew out the window. No clashing prints? No long skirts on short girls? No white after Labor Day? Forget all of that. Fashion is meant to be bold and creative, not restricting or regimented. And while we’ll always covet the Little Black Dress, some of fashion’s oldest “rules” seem just that—old. Trends are always constantly evolving and changing, and it never hurt anyone to step outside of the lines every once in a while. How did that old saying go, again? Oh, yeah. Rules were made to be broken.

No White After Labor Day


The white-in-winter trend took the fashion world by storm this past year so there’s no need to put away your summer whites as soon as the weather starts to cool down. From a white leather skort to an entire white-on-white outfit, the fabric type is key. While it might be better to save airier fabrics such as white cotton, linen, and canvas for the summertime, go for leather, wool, and heavier fabrics when picking out winter white outfits.

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No Mixing Prints


Who said you couldn’t wear two bold prints at once? We’ve been loving all of the mixed motifs we’ve been seeing—from floral and stripes to leopard print and ikat. For beginners, choose prints in the same color scheme and balance out the patterns by making sure one print is more subdued than the other.

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No Maxi-Length Skirts on Short Girls


We’ve busted the myth on petite girls not being able to wear floor-length skirts and dresses. In fact, form-fitting maxi and midi dresses can actually extend the leg and make short girls look taller. Choose a skirt that has a more fitted silhouette and highlights the waist. Opt for a fitted top so you won’t drown in fabric and heels in order to keep you from tripping over your skirt.

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Sequins + Sparkles Are Reserved For Nighttime


Sequins and flashier fabrics are tricky during the day but can definitely be done. The key is to keep the rest of your outfit simple. Pair a sequin piece with casual separates, such as a blazer, jeans, or a white t-shirt.

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Sneakers Are Gym-Wear Only


If the Alexander Wang x HM collaboration proved anything, it was that athleisure is the trend of the moment and won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. Taking runways and street wear by storm, sneaker sales shot up this year as everyone slipped into a pair of Adidas and proved that being fashionable didn’t mean you had to forsake comfort.

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Denim on Denim Is Tacky

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Also known as the Canadian suit, denim-on-denim makes a bold fashion statement and isn’t hard to pull off. Try mixing different shades of denim together, such as a light wash chambray shirt with dark wash jeans.

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No Faux Fur or Leather

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Old fashion folklore condemned anything faux fur or leather. In 2015, however, you can be both socially conscious and fashionable at the same time. More and more people are opting for well-made vegan leather jackets or faux fur coats that look almost like the real thing.

Featured Image: Soo Joo Park & Sung Hee Kim photographed by Tommy Ton // Text by: Summer Lin