Smith and Cult’s Lip Lacquers


When it comes to beauty products, function is and always will be the most important factor. That being said, we’re big fans of products that look both work exceptionally well and look just as good. Take Smith and Cult, for example. The cult brand, which launched under the watchful eye of 90’s beauty star Dineh Mohajer, creates products that deliver killer results but simultaneously tell stories. Just look at the nail lacquer names… Bitter Buddhist? Gay Ponies Dancing In the Snow? We want them all just on their names alone, and thankfully, the shades live up to their names.
Now adding on to their nail lacquers, Smith and Cult has come through with “The Shining,” a collection of eight lip glosses that both reminds us and gives us the opportunity to revisit the beauty product that first caught our attention as youngins. I’m talking about you, Lip Smackers. With names like “The Queen is Dead,” “Fresh Riot,” and “The Warning,” these grown up gloss shades border on the line between sheer and shimmery, delivering totally covetable lips.

At some point in a girl’s life, lip gloss becomes lipstick, we’re glad Smith and Cult is throwing it back to keep us young at heart.

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