WHIT Resort 2016


We’re still reeling in amazement after seeing WHIT’s Resort 2016 presentation last week. Covering both old an new territory, the classically feminine brand presented its usual fare — shift dresses, pant suits, and structured skirts — with an unexpected twist inspired by the American Museum of Natural History. Inspired by the museum’s dioramas in particular, antelope prints, leopard spots and embroidered ferns made appearances as designer Whitney Pozgay sought to celebrate North America’s indigneous flora and fauna. The brand’s traditional polka dots and stripes were still present in the collection. Only this time, they helped provide a stark contrast against the nature-inspired prints.
Just like the collection, the presentation held at the Gramercy Hotel was a scene not to be missed. The rooftop overflowed with plants as the designer herself guided guests through the collection. As for us? We were taking in the clothes, the rooftop views, and a couple of mimosas.

the model crew

_MG_0675 antelope, leopard and fern prints

wool knits

the scene at the presentation

the antelope print strikes again

[columns_row width=”half”]

Pozgay's classic polka dots


the designer herself

inspired by nature

Photography by Chris Klemens

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  1. It would have been awesome if you could have included a site link or somewhere the clothes are or will be available. Something that helps the brand out a little in the way of marketing.

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