We’ve often heard that a bad day in NYC is better than a good day anywhere else, and we’re here to tell you… this couldn’t be more true. Even on the worst of days (think: humidity & crowded subways), we couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. With this in mind, meet our new series, The City, in which we’ll introduce you to the best of the concrete jungle. From restaurants, museums, and everything in between, these are the places you need to know whether you’re a New Yorker yourself or simply visiting. 

It’s no secret that we love New York City. It’s a crazy, obsessive and passionate love, but you already knew that. I mean, considering the number times we’ve said we love New York, it’s truly a wonder that we haven’t been promoted to New York City ambassadors (We’d like to join your club please, TSwift!). That being said, even though we’re crazy obsessed and passionately in-love, even we have to admit that some parts of the city are simply untouchable. Every New Yorker will tell you that the magic of Times Square wore off after the first few times. It’s beautiful from a distance, but up close? We couldn’t name the last time we went there out of our own will. Every once in a while though, amazing people come around to make you appreciate the classic spots that make New York City well… classic.

Take Greeley Square Park, for example. Lately, we’ve been finding ourselves there more and more thanks to Urban Space’s mouth-watering local market Broadway Bites, which brings together the best food NYC has to offer in one easily-accessible location. Craving a lobster roll from Red Hook Lobster Pound for dinner and a cookie from Momofuku Milk Bar as dessert? You can find them both at the market.

Below, we’ve scouted the vendors that you have to try before Broadway Bites leaves Greeley Square Park for the year on July 26th. Expect: lobster rolls from Red Hook Lobster Pound, rice balls from Arancini Bros and arepas from Palenque Colombian Food among the lot.


Oh, and if you really can’t make it to Broadway Bites before its closing date, first of all: what are you doing with your life? And second, not to fear… Urban Space has you covered with other local pop-up markets. Hit up Penn Plates at Penn Plaza (running now through November 5th) or Madison Square Eats (running from September 4th through October 1st). And please, make sure to run not walk there.

Find Broadway Bites at Greeley Square (33rd Street and Broadway) from 11am to 9pm daily through July 26th. We’ll see you there!


Red Hook Lobster Pound





Momofuku Milk Bar

Gelato Ti Amo


Taco Bono

Photography by Chris Klemens