Summer Mood-Board: Bohemian & Florals


Every season, we’re bombarded by runway reports telling us exactly what we should follow in order to be considered “fashionable”. But as ladies on a budget, I think we can all agree that it’s financially impossible to fully experiment with every trend presented each season unless we want to eat ramen for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (no, thank you!)

Here at TheLoDown, when it comes to building a wardrobe for the season, we like to keep our focus on a few trends that are more suitable to our taste and style with a little wiggle room for fun accessories. We may never be a British badass, as much as we wish we were Kate Moss, but that doesn’t mean we can’t save up for that killer All Saints leather jacket.

That being said, this summer, we’re honing in on two trends: the 70s, Bohemian vibes and Floral, Blush Tones because truly, less is more. How did we choose among the hundreds of trends presented? We mood-boarded. 

Mood-boards are the best way to visually represent what you’re vibe-ing on that season. All you need are magazines you probably read already, a poster board, scissors, a glue stick, and a really, really good playlist. We had issues of Vogue, Elle, InStyle and Harper’s Bazaar on hand, and they did the trick. When you see a common thread between what you cut out of your magazines, you’ll better recognize what truly draws you. We cut out enough lace, suede, and floral silk prints for a lifetime so we knew we had to explore those styles and what they mean to us. Here we go:

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Collections to inspire you: Chloé S/S15Valentino S/S15Roberto Cavalli Resort 2016


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Florals/Blush Tones

  • Chiffon, silk, and lace
  • Neutrals & shades of pink
  • Free-flowing silhouettes
  • Florals of all sizes (both intricate & bold)

Collections to inspire you: Stella McCartney Resort 2016Carolina Herrara S/S15, Zimmermann S/S15


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Featured Image photographed by Chris Klemens

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