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We’ve often heard that a bad day in NYC is better than a good day anywhere else, and we’re here to tell you… this couldn’t be more true. Even on the worst of days (think: humidity & crowded subways), we couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. With this in mind, meet our new series, The City, in which we’ll introduce you to the best of the concrete jungle. From restaurants, museums, and everything in between, these are the places you need to know whether you’re a New Yorker yourself or simply visiting.

What’s the latest New York City backdrop to blow up on Instagram? The Gansevoort Market, of course!

The 8,000-square-foot storage space at 52 Gansevoort St turned foodie destination is Meatpacking’s new hot spot. Home to 22 unique vendors, the food-hall serves everything from tacos to sweatpants—yes, sweatpants.

As self-proclaimed gourmands, our photographer Chris and I surveyed the scene all while sampling the most exotic offerings. Food and trinkets aside, we have to say that this place, one o’clock on a Wednesday afternoon, beats any day at Chelsea Market. The space is bustling, sure, but nowhere near overwhelmingly crowded. It is perfectly okay to tuck your elbows away because no shoving, sweating, or grunting is needed to weave through crowds of people.

So, if you’re ever in the neighborhood doing touristy things—ahem, the Highline and Danzinger Gallery—you might as well skip the mass and head on over here. Your stomach and patience will thank you. Seriously though, they’ve got lobster rolls sans the crowd. Can I get a holler?





_MG_1374 2




Have you been? Will you be going? Leave us a comment because Chris and I want to know! Or, tag us anywhere on social with our @thelodownblog handle.

Photography: Chris Klemens // Introduction: Daise Bedolla

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