Our Polyvore Contest Winner!


polyvore set

A few weeks ago we partnered with Polyvore on a really fun contest!  The ask?  To design your best 24 Hour New York City outfit!  The stylish Polyvore community came up with over 2,500 sets, a number that totally blew me away!  After going over them all, I selected the winner!  In case you’re not familiar, Polyvore is a site where people can give and receive styling advise from a global community of stylists!

So, with the winning set created by Isabel Rexroad shared above lets talk about why I selected it!  I love classic but comfy basics like the grey sweater she chose paired with jeans in a great, grey-ish wash. Pairing stylish pieces like these with absolutely chic accessories always takes my outfits to the next level, providing that NYC edge that women here are so famous for cultivating.  I’d wear those shoes, hat, and bag anyday – it’s a perfect outfit for running errands in the Flatiron District.  This outfit is really understated, downtown chic at its finest!

Thank you to all who entered this fashionable contest!  I hope we can put another one together soon!


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