As a New Yorker, you learn a thing or two about living here. First: this city is the definition of rough and tough. Second: the only way to come out alive is with a friend guiding you and helping you live it up. This is where we come in. We’ve given you an inside look at the places that are essential to treatin’ yo self in our guide The City. Now, with our new series Street x Street, we’re kicking it up a notch and dissecting the city—you guessed it—street by street. Greenwich Village, Chelsea, Upper East Side, FiDi, East Village, SoHo… we’re hitting up all the neighbourhoods to give you a New Yorker’s view on the city we call home.
Inevitably, and in true city fashion, we’ve run into some of the coolest New Yorkers with A+ style while shooting out in the streets. We saw flatforms, denim dresses, colorblocking, and mules when we walked down Crosby Street last week. This time around, we ran into winged backpacks, leather leggings, tie-dye, and rose-colored glasses. If you aren’t inspired already, this is what you should get out of this week’s round-up: this is a call to action. Nothing is too crazy or too loud so why not embrace it? Break out your crazy, because in this city, you have to stand out to fit in.


Adding a pop of color to the NYC uniform, and literally looking at life through rose-colored glasses. Here for this.


When you're dancing with leather leggings, we have nothing but respect. Keep on keeping on.

Are you loving it? Share your thoughts with us below, and look out for the full Elizabeth St guide later this week. We’ll be sharing our go-to’s including an oh-so-cool restaurant with the best tacos and spiked horchata. Know what it is? Tune in on Friday… ✌️

Photography by Chris Klemens