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Happy Monday, dear readers.  It’s officially back to school week at TheLoDown so our posts this week will be geared towards sharing all the beauty, fashion, food, wellness you’ll need to jump right back into gear!  BTW, can you believe September is like, a day away?
In addition to spring cleaning, I LOVE to do a huge fall clean-out as well and with the big clean I just did over the weekend in mind I thought this week’s #DearLo should be focused on getting organized!  A clean house with everything in it’s place feels so, so good and definitely allows me to focus on work.  A clean house = a clean mind.  Thankfully, someone in the Twitterverse has organization on the mind too and asked me to share my top 5 organizational tips.

“What are 5 things you do to stay organized? Thanks! #DearLo”


Staying organized is a daily battle for me honestly, Bri.  I’m simply not built to hang a t-shirt back up right away after I try it on and decide I’m just not feelin’ it that day.  I do it, but it’s always like ughhhhhhh, I have to hang this shirt back up.  After years of clutter and messy closets my roommate at the time (and clean freak) Cassie helped me develop an organizational system I could feel good about and stay on top of.  Here are my top 5 tips…


If the baskets, buckets, hangers, and drawer dividers are pretty, I feel way more inspired to keep them looking that way.  I’m a Libra and love aesthetics, so a beautiful home is totally inspirational to me.  I hang my t-shirts back up now because I bought really nice looking hangers that look downright pretty hanging in my closet.  I toss the wire hangers that come back from the cleaners and move things over to the lovely velvet ones I got on Amazon.


Seriously, label makers are the effing JAM.  Cassie labeled everything in our house and I did the same in mine now that I live solo.  It reminds you to only put the batteries in this place and old phone chargers in that place.  Also, it’s quite entertaining when used to make funny labels for your boyfriends toiletries he leaves in your bathroom.


I work from home so I needed a zone in my house to do so.  I also don’t own a desk so creating that atmosphere required some thought.  I decided to turn my dining room into my home office and create a mini office oasis by turning an old bedside table into the place I store office supplies, papers, and other items I need to get work done.  Working on my bed or the couch doesn’t help me focus on getting my work done.


So I know I mentioned spring and fall cleaning.  The real truth is that it’s better to do it seasonally.  Even though I’m not a super type A organizing master, I DO love dedicating a full day to cleaning out my closets, rummaging through drawers to clear out the crap, and giving my kitchen a once-over.  My rule for cleaning out my closets: if you haven’t worn it in a year, toss it.  It’s just taking up precious space for new sweaters.


I always lose my keys.  My credit cards fall out of my gym pants.  I tend to throw things around the moment I walk in the door. Cassie taught me that it’s important to create dedicated spaces for special things I need to access all the time.  So now I always throw my keys into this bowl, keep my cellphone in this pocket of my purse, and keep dedicated phone chargers plugged into particular outlets around my house.

…and those are my top 5 organizational tips.  With school starting up again it’s fun to get jazzed about where you store your fancy new notebooks (labeled of course)!  Thanks for the great question, Bri.  If you have a question for me, leave it below or ask on Twitter using #DearLo!


  1. These tips were super helpful, thanks Lo! I feel inspired to reorganize my entire closet; too bad I have a class in 20 minutes. Now, if only you could give me tips on time management….

  2. Love the one year rule! I have absolutely no room in my drawers or closets yet I feel like I have no clothes so this rule will definitely suit me.
    #DearLo question!
    I am pretty health conscious, but a huge part of living in NYC is going out and experiencing the unique restaurants and bars, which I love to do. How do you stay in shape/healthy while maintaining this type of social life (without getting anxious about straying from your every day diet/habits)?

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