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Hey girl, hey, and welcome to #Trending! Every Tuesday, we’ll be curating some of our favorite looks at varying price points.

I owe it all to you, Faye. No, but seriously, I thank Chloé for introducing their summer IT-bag and showing us what suede can really do. With festival season and the bohemian trend in full swing, the fabric made its way into all of our closets in one form or another. It doesn’t come as a surprise that I’m looking forward to revamping my suede looks and adapting them for cooler Fall weather.

A couple of things about suede that you should know, some good and some bad. Suede has an uncanny ability to add incredible depth to any outfit. It elevates a look instantaneously, often making the complete outfit more expensive than it is. I’m not embarrassed to say that when I throw my suede thigh-highs on with just about anything, I feel like both a bohemian goddess and Vanessa Hudgens, which are two in the same.

That being said, it’s a tricky fabric. As a New Yorker, I’m no stranger to the questionable puddle on the sidewalk. While I do my best to dodge ’em, they creep up on me. Other things that creep up out of nowhere? Monsoon-style rainstorms. Also a big no-no when it comes to suede. Rain-damage can wreck serious havoc on these investments . All of that being said, it is so, totally, 100% worth it.

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