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Nestled in the lower end of Crosby Street, between Broome Street and Grand Street, sits one of our favorite jewelry flagship stores, Miansai. Pronounced my-ahn-sigh, the brand, founded by Michael Saiger, made its fashion mark with nautical-inspired wrist wear. Since its conception in 2008, Miansai has grown to include its own line of stationary, bags, bath and home products, and shoes.

Last week, Chris, Paige, and I decided to pop in for a visit after shooting Street Style. Not only did we wish we could afford everything in the store (because how cool would it be to have matching team bracelets?) but we also felt it impossible to leave because the brick-and-mortar’s aesthetic, complete with a beverage bar, was simply too hard to say goodbye to.

Please enjoy your exclusive look at the all the eye candy—window-shopping at its finest à la Chris Klemens Photography. Whether it through our own eyes or Chris’ lens, we stared at the immaculate arrangement for what seemed like days on end. You can pretty much bet your bums we were all wiping away trails of drool by the time we left. #NoShame








Please let us know what you think of the store if you happen to stop by anytime soon!

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