Street Style: Prince St.


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Be warned: New Yorkers are not the nicest. They always have some place to go, somewhere to be, and something to do. Interruptions for pictures? Um, no paparazzi, please!

Chris, Paige, and I were in for a rude awakening and a much needed thickening of the skin when we stood faithfully on the corner of Prince Street and Crosby Street this past Sunday. As we took turn asking fashionably late and exquisitely dressed (a.k.a model off duty-esque) city dwellers to stop and strike a pose, we were both politely and rudely declined.

Even though it felt like searching for needles in a haystack, we found five fantabulous looks. Yes, I said fantabulous. Yes, I still use that world. But come on now, these folks deserve the compliment. Not only did they stop to give Chris a whirl, but they defied the not nice New Yorker odds.






Do tell us which look you like the most. We had a hard time choosing. Oh, and if you’re in Chelsea this weekend, and you happen to see us clambering about for street style shots, be sure to say hi!

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