Street X Street: Saint Mark’s Pl.


You know the drill: we dissect the city block by block.


Amongst the sea of $5 sunglasses, Saint Marks Place has much to offer. I’ll admit, I was turned off at first glance by its blatant tackiness. However, once I headed further East, I found myself pleasantly surprised. Can’t judge a book by its sidewalk salesman now, can we?

_MG_2702Porto Rico Importing Co. @ 40 Saint Marks Pl.

There are few things in this world I consider better than coffee. If coffee and I were dating, I would be the pathetic, clingy, and over-attached girlfriend who tries to move on to better, healthier caffinated drinks, but always ends up coming back. Especially when Porto Rico Importing Co. serves up a cup of joe for only $1.50.


DF Maven’s @ 37 Saint Marks Pl.

Serving up vegan ice cream made purely from your choice of almond or coconut milk, DF Maven’s is simply where you need to be. Honestly, there really is no excuse not to run there right now. They sell this exquisite dark chocolate flavour with NO SUGAR ADDED which you can get atop a divine GLUTEN-FREE SUGAR CONE.
_MG_2705Search & Destroy @ 25 Saint Marks Pl.

Truth be told, we were too creeped out by the window display to go in, but they sell used & vintage goodies! It’s probably super cool in there if you can summon the courage to get pass the Chucky-esque dolls in the store window. _MG_2706Grand Sichuan @ 19-23 Saint Marks Pl.

There’s average Chinese food delivery and then there’s Grand Sichuan. Republic and Grand Sichuan have been my absolute go-to’s for Asian food cravings since I moved from Canada two years ago.

_MG_2714Spot Dessert Bar @ 13 Saint Marks Pl.

Little story about Spot Dessert Bar. When I was a freshman forced to live with a complete stranger, I had my differences with said stranger. While I wasn’t quite down with her Tumblr-ing into the wee hours of the morning, I was so down for her recommendation of Spot’s Green Tea Lava Cake. Thanks, she-who-shall-not-be-named, you changed my freshman year in OH so many ways.

_MG_2716Yoga to the People @ 12 Saint Marks Pl.

I don’t know about you, but I simply can’t afford to do yoga on a regular basis especially in New York with its hefty price tag. Luckily, there are companies like Yoga to the People who re-emphasize the essence and purpose of the practice by making classes donation-based. In order to make it accessible to everyone, they don’t have a rigid payment system. Whether you give one dollar or give nothing at all, they still welcome you with open arms. YTTP has six locations total across NYC. By the way, if you live in Seattle, Berkley, San Francisco, or attend ASU, you’re also in luck!

We love the mantra they have posted on their website:

mantra2 (1)
_MG_2718St. Marks Comics @ 11 Saint Marks Pl.

Dubbed the “Holy Grail of comic-book classics” by the NYT, it’s a cultural landmark of Greenwich village.

_MG_2694East Village Social @ 126 St. Marks Place

Serving up good old-fashioned comfort food, East Village Social specializes in buckets of bacon, chicken tenders, and an excellent happy-hour. Plus they serve their drinks in mason jars, which us ladies stereotypically love.

_MG_2695Boxkite @ 115 Saint Mark’s Pl.

The cutest coffee shop there ever was. Boxkite is the ideal place to curl up with a book or a laptop (they offer WiFi), if you’re just as work-obsessed as we are. People come here for the atmosphere just as much as they do for the afternoon jolt.

_MG_2696Crif Dogs @ 113 Saint Mark’s Pl.

Forget the rinky-dink cart on the corner. Crif Dog is the only place you should be going to fulfill your dog needs. With sixteen hotdog creations, the sky is seriously the limit. We’ve always wanted to try the ‘Tsunami Dog’: dog, bacon-wrapped, teriyaki, pineapple, & green onion. This place definitely warrants a visit or five, but who’s counting?

_MG_2700Café Mogador @ 101 Saint Marks Pl.

I travelled to Morocco during my semester abroad this past April. I’ve always loved Moroccan cuisine and ate it often because I had Moroccan friends. Coming back to the US, Café Mogador is where I go to when I need my tagine fix. It may not be Morocco, but it’s close enough for me.

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  1. My roommate from college lived on St. Mark’s Place for a couple of years. Whenever I went to New York, I always made my way to her East Village apartment to catch up while I was in town. I remember walking past many of these shops and restaurants on the way to apartment. One of the reasons she loved East Village (she’s made her way to Brooklyn a few months ago) was there was always something going on and tons of hidden gems. It will always been one of my favorite places in New York because it will always remind me of visiting her!
    Brittany |

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