Um, hi.  We’re about to get sexy today!  Being sexy also means being safe – a message that takes on a powerful meaning as I fully cross over into adulthood. As a grown woman I own my body completely and treat it with love and respect, or at least I try to.  And guess what?  Sex factors in to that equation and what I’ve been doing and using for years to make it safe…well, I’ve been wrong all along.  Chances are that you have been too.  Now that you’re real afraid, want to know what the heck am I talkin’ bout?  Sure ya do!
Turns out the condoms and lube we’ve all been using (or not using) for years aren’t as awesome for your health (and vag) as we’ve been taught to believe.  Sure, they’re effective at preventing pregnancy and and STIs.  They’re also SUPER good at giving us all kinds of weird infections, throwing off our pH, & creating a host of issues downstairs that are completely unfair.  The best part?  The big companies producing these products know how questionable some of the materials they put into their condoms and lube are, and they continue to do it anyway.

However, there is hope for your lady parts.  On today’s podcast episode of Lady Lovin, we’re discussing sex trends, women’s health and the best product on the market that helps you keep it safe in every way with Meika Hollander of Sustain.  We learned SO much from her and have a completely new perspective on safe sex.


If you haven’t checked out our podcast yet, please do.  It’s hysterical girl talk, just like the kind you have with your best friends.  Today’s Safe Sex episode is our 4th, and if you need to be further convinced that it’s legit just know that we’ve been featured as a new and notable podcast on iTunes.  Muhaha! Happy listening!