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I fell in love with fringe the way Augustus fell in love with Hazel—“slowly at first, and then all at once.”

For the longest time, fringe fashion always screamed festival wear. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing inherently bad about wearing decorative and movement-encouraging embellishments to events like Coachella and Lollapalooza. It’s just that when a majority of people do that, the style, for me at least, becomes forever associated with music festivals.

To be honest, when fringe made a comeback this past spring at the Fall/Winter 2015 fashion shows, I was skeptical. Bloggers, editors, and fashion enthusiasts were sporting fringe garments and accessories that moved and swayed as they walked to and from their respective destinations. They looked great, but I still wasn’t convinced.

It wasn’t until this past week of running to Spring/Summer 2016 fashion shows and online browsing trending styles that something finally clicked. Festival fringe is one thing. Fashion fringe? Well, that’s a complete other. Borders of tasteful suede strips do exist and they definitely add extra pizzazz in terms of textures and layering.

So, even though I’m a few months late, I’m still going to call it. Fringe is this Fall’s it factor.

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