Street Style: W. Broadway


As Chris and I posted up on the corner of West Broadway and Prince Street at around 4 p.m. yesterday, I could not have been happier. Sleep deprived, yes, but still happy. Why? Because the temperature finally dropped and I was able to wear a sweater without shvitzing (Yiddish for sweating, you learned something new today). Best of all, the people of New York agreed with me. Everywhere I looked, people were being to enjoy their time outdoors with jackets, hats, and layering.
We also took note that the intersection was a prime dog-watching corner. So prime that we may or may not be launching a NYC dog street-style feature. Stay tuned.

Without further ado, I present you the joyous and stylish people of W. Broadway!

The insanely sweet and clearly stylish Kylee Campbell (Instagram: KyleeCampbell) of, we love her site!


Denise (Instagram:_Dee_M) was just the ball of energy we needed & she’s scary flexible, seriously go see her Instagram.


Marianna (Instagram: MariannaGose) clearly knows the power of a solid pair of loafers.


An oversized silk shirt dress & sneakers? Stephanie understands the importance of comfortable dressing.

3  Erika’s totally effortless bob seriously makes me wanna go chop off all of my hair.

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