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Hey girl, hey, and welcome to #Trending! Every Tuesday, we’ll be curating some of our favorite looks at varying price points.

Let’s be real: while a plunging V-neck outfit can be both fun and bold to wear during the day or as an obvious choice for a night out on the town, the look can be a little boring or redundant. Enter: a little string to seal the deal. When coupled with plunging necklines, lace-up accents on a top or dress, make for incredibly daring fashion statements. Such details also happen to be perfect for the last few and sacred days of warmer weather.

To be honest, even though the lace-up V-neck trend has been making its rounds, I had my doubts on whether or not I could pull off the the cleavage that comes with it. Even so, I figured when worn the right way, the detail could still be classy and sophisticated. I bought my first lace-up piece from ASOS—tan and suede. It was the perfect dress for those evenings when I needed to impress. It, however, stayed in my closet for weeks until I finally found the courage to wear it. And, let me tell you, it was a showstopper for all the right reasons.

Aside from adding the extra oomph to a statement dress, the lace-up look can be found on both blouses and cozy sweaters—a definite plus for this time of year! Whatever you prefer wearing most, dress, blouse, or sweater, I highly recommend that you buy something that includes this trend. You won’t regret it! Oh, and don’t let it sit in your closet for weeks because chances are, it’ll be a showstopper on you too!

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Photography via The Girl From Panama

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