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Working out is never a bummer when you’re rocking sweet new gear at the same time.  Or, perhaps you’re more of an athleisure type of lady instead, running errands and picking up an almond-milk latte in your fitness tights and a leather jacket.  Whatever the case may be, fresh gear is always a must – especially as we head into a new season.


Wearing Lorna Jane’s Luxe Wrap Pant & Lauper Excel Tank

I’ve been a fan of Lorna Jane for years.  I love the versatility of the fitness line for women: all kinds of pieces in all kinds of colors, with cuts and shapes that are flattering to all.  We’ve done a few giveaways before together and with the weather getting chillier we thought it would be fun to line another up for you, dear reader, right this very second!

I’m obsessed with the Luxe Wrap Pant pictured above – they’re absolutely perfect for a stroll around the neighborhood paired with nice kicks, or for layering on top of tights for when you’re heading out the door in cold weather.  Very Alexander Wang vibey, right?

My favorite new top is the Lauper Excel Tank – finally, a crop tank from a fitness line that isn’t too short or revealing!  My prayers have been answered!  I want it in like 7 more colors (can we make that happen, LJ? Hint, hint!).


Next question I ask myself often: how many pairs of tights are too many?  Well, when they’re the Be Seen Ankle Biker Tight the answer is NO AMOUNT, EVER.


Lorna Jane Be Seen Ankle Biker Tight

Like, I’m sorry but how dope are these!  They are everything!  Sexy cut-outs, mesh, black, tight, long?  Hello, gym!!!!  Hello, every place in New York City and beyond!  Hello, Shanghai!



Lorna Jane Tough Girl Active Jacket

Moving on to some jackets I’m loving right now…the one pictured above is for tough ladies only (you). The camo print on the Tough Girl Active Jacket literally changes my mood as I bound down the street towards my pilates studio.  I feel bold and in charge – the right way to feel on the way to a workout, or anytime really!


Lorna Jane Night Runner Active Jacket

Finally, lets throw a little COLOR into this mix, shall we?  My favorite piece from all the new goodies on Lorna Jane right now is the Night Runner Active Jacket.  Its cozy, with a nice mesh lining on the inside that’s perfect for layering on top of literally anything.  I love the bright blue color, too.

SO – if you’re digging LJ as much as I am right now, why not enter this sweet little giveaway below?  No reason I can think of not to!  The giveaway is open until October 28th and we’ll notify the winner by email. Good luck!

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  1. The tough girl camo jacket and ankle biker tights is the most amazing combo ever, and I’m pretty sure I’d be living in them.

  2. I would love to get the Criss Cross Excel Tank and pair it with the Be Seen Ankle Biker Tight, now that its becoming colder in Boston I am realizing how much of a difference tights versus crops make when working out!

  3. Night Runner Active Jacket and Be Seen Ankle Biker Tights <3 <3 I'm the coldest person in the world so this would totally help me get my butt to the gym when the weather becomes painful and depression!

  4. I love the Night Runner jacket, I need a jacket that isn’t black for night time runs this fall. I am always looking for new running tights too.

  5. I would buy the modern runner 7/8 tights and the Breeze long sleeve top– the pair would go well for a nice fall run here in Jersey!

  6. I will totally be buying the Night Runner Jacket and the Be Seen Ankle Biker Tight! I’m training for a half marathon in December and cannot wait to wear these and other fitting Lorna Jane active wear! Thank you Lo!! xo

  7. A Lorna Jane just opened by my house! I absolutely love the Destiny black zip jacket and love love love the Existence full length tight! Well… Any of the tights with the mesh patterns 😉 I’m training and running my first half marathon this Jan and am in need of some great running bottoms!

  8. Working out doesn’t have to be gross and dingy. There is nothing wrong with wanting to get your sweat on in style, and Lorna Jane supplies the perfect tools. You feel better about yourself when you look good and go to the gym! This semester has been chaos and this week I finally promised myself to get back on my workout grind. I absolutely love the Lauper Excel Tank <3 sweating in style is a new thing for me, and my tights supply is seriously lacking. It definitely needs some new additions.

  9. I LOVE that jacket! I also love the accelerate active pant. I had a baby 4 months ago so new workout clothes would be amazing!

  10. Lorna Jane is too cute! I would love a pair (or two!) of the corepower short tight! I love those for yoga sculpt classes 🙂 I would also love a jacket to rock this fall season!

  11. Absolutely love everything lorna Jane for this season!! Fashionable and functional what could be better.

  12. I would have a hard time deciding between the Night Runner Active Jacket, the Lyndal Sports Bra and the Core Power Ankle Biter tight! Ah!

  13. I would buy the Be Seen Leggings, those cutouts make it more of a statement, and I love the Night Runner Jacket! I’m a sucker for a fashionable yet practical jacket.

  14. With the Lorna Jane gift card I think I would buy the No Limits F/L Tight. First off yes they are just another pair of leggings, but a girl can never have to many leggings right?! and, something we are all looking for to have in our everyday life is clothes that we can go to the gym in the morning and then go to the grocery store after and not feel like we look completely awful- that’s exactly what these are. I could wear them and know i will be comfy, (those times you just need a comfy day) and pair them with a cute big sweater and still look good- but also can wear them for my work out days.

  15. Thanks for sharing a great new active wear brand to look into! I love the Sandrine tight and the night runner jacket. Crossing my fingers for the giveaway!

  16. I would definitely go for the biker tights and night runner jacket–they would probably keep me much warmer than anything I have for the cold weather that’s coming! <3

  17. I am OBSESSED with the night runner active jacket and be seen ankle rider pants. They are amazing!! I have never tried the Lorna Jane active collection and would love the opportunity to add this brand to my active wardrobe!

  18. I would love to get some accessories- towel,endurance bag. And excel tank. I just finally made the plunge into a monthly hot yoga membership. I feel better than ever and some new workout gear would only help!!

  19. Would love to have the Active Life F/L pants, the Rory tank & the Zuri sports bra to wear when I teach Pilates reformer classes! Adorable!

  20. Love the Lorna Jane Be Seen Ankle Biker Tight – I think those would be an awesome way to step up my work out apparel game!!

  21. I would absolutely love to get the Be Seen Ankle Biker Tight and the Night Runner Active Jacket!! Both absolutely amazing.

  22. Because I live in different varieties of black workout leggings I like to add some spice, right now I’m digging on the Be Seen Ankle Biter Tights — love them!

  23. I am loving the Night Runner Jacket & the Be Seen Leggings!! The Dazed Active Tank/Bra combo also look awesome & super comfy for a workout.

  24. Love how effortlessly chic you always look! Everything LJ is amazing but to pick a couple I’d go with the Be Seen Ankle Biker Tight and the Night Runner Active Jacket. <3!

  25. Stylish and functional workout gear totally make doing the deed a little more fun! Plus, who doesn’t need more long, black tights in the closet?!

  26. I absolutely love Lorna Jane fitness gear, their tights are to die for especially the crystal ones! I actually prefer their leggings to Lululemon! I would want to buy all their jackets and leggings with the gift card … well almost all of them (:

  27. I would get the CRISS CROSS EXCEL TANK, and the ELEVATE 7/8 TIGHTs to go with it! Gorgeous items on this site! Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

  28. I mean, everything is amazing, but I would love the Side Step Sports Bra – love a supportive sports bra that is also cute! Such a rare combination

  29. I’m not sure what I’d use the gift certificate on. Maybe a pair of their tights. They have so many cute ones.

  30. I love the High Intensity Support Tight or the Just Breath Tank. I’m a new mom looking to find motivation to get back at the gym and this might do just the trick looking cute in Lorna Jane. It’s always a great feeling when you have a good outfit while working out! Would love to win this giveaway – it’s also my 30th Birthday next week! Thanks Lo. XOXO

  31. I must say I’m really small and petite and you gave such a great inspiration into getting chic yet cozy gear for the gym and these outfits are a plus ,thank you for this amazing give away .xoxo keep up the YouTube girl!

  32. Love the blue running jacket, would be perfect to wear for morning runs! Already a huge fan of lorna jane and most of my money goes to spending clothes there, so much so that I had to stop looking at the emails and walking past the store 🙂

  33. Hi Lo! Thank you so much for doing such a fun giveaway. I have been obsessed with you forever and am loving the Lo Down. You have inspired me to live a more active and fit lifestyle. The Lorna Jane Sandrine tight and Never Give Up exercise mat would make my workouts so much fun!
    Xoxo, Olivia

  34. The Be Seen Ankle Biker tights are great and I’m always looking for comfortable + stylish sports bras like the Night Ryder.

  35. Obsessed with the biker tights. Would love to pair them with the Spot Me tank and the Amelia Excel zip thru hoody. 🙂

  36. I have been lusting after the Ridley Bra and a few other sports bras! Youtuber MarissaLace wears them and I’m dying to buy one! Thanks for the giveaway!

  37. If I won the gift card I would purchase the night runner active jacket and the ankle biter tights for sure! Also I am in love with the just breath tank top and some of the jogger pants! I will definitely talk about them on my blog! I love all of their practical, cute, and comfortable clothing.

  38. My favorites are the LJ CHAMBRAY PARKA in Pale Blue and the CORE POWER ANKLE BITER TIGHT in Black/Char Marl!

  39. The ambitions sports bra with the lauper excel tank- I’m in love! And all those tights- I can barely choose my top 10 let alone 1 🙂

  40. I live in the cold weather, so any of the longer black tights I’d definitely purchase. I also loved the Siobhan harem pants.

  41. Top choice would be the tights, I love that they are sexy and sporty. I think that more work out clothes should be made to make women feel a little bit of both! Lorna Jane Be Seen Ankle Biker Tight is everything!

  42. I love the Night Runner Active Jacket and Angle Biker Tights! They are the perfect pieces to workout in and then transition in an outfit for the rest of the day.

  43. I would definitely get the Lorna Jane Be Seen Ankle Biker Tight!!! Browsing the Lorna Jane site motivates me to get my booty to the gym 😉

  44. I would buy her Lea 3/4 tight or the Sandrine 7/8 tight and the keeper jacket. Love the peekaboo in the tights. The keeper jacket looks very functional and stylish.

  45. I love Lorna Jane too!! I would get the tanks too & I would them in a million colors, along with the runner jacket, looks good but also comfy.

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