Hi!  I’m Lo.  I love beauty products.  I love them so much that I not only have my bathroom filled with them, but an entire small closet as well, and a bedside table that’s bursting at the seams with eye cream.  Fueling the fire even more lately?  JAPANESE BEAUTY PRODUCTS, ahhh!  I just discovered DHC Skincare – the #1 Japanese skincare and make-up expert line rooted in olive oil based products.  I was invited to their NYC event and my creative mind was blown when I got my hands on new goodies that perform well and are packaged beautifully.  I took home many, many things!  Fun!
My boyfriend thinks I have a product problem based on the amount of stuff I continue to accumulate, but really – I’m just a lady who loves to try out new potions and colors in the search for the perfect beauty elixir of eternal grace and loveliness.  In the meantime, I’ve become pretty good at solving everyday make-up and beauty issues, many of which I’m prepared to share with you right now working in my new favorites from Japan.

Prep Your Skin For Make-Up

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So check it, ladies.  Make-up looks nice when the skin underneath it is clean, smooth, and moisturized.  We’ve all fallen victim to the layering of make-up on top of last night’s make-up in a pinch, but the reality is that fresh, clean skin provides the absolute best canvas for foundation, concealer, and powder.  Scrubbing my face clean with a face wash powder like DHC’s Face Wash Powder is Beauty Trick #1.  A powdered wash is really nice because it accomplishes two things with one product: exfoliating and cleansing.  The powder gently removes any dead and dried skin and as it turns into a foaming cleanser it rids the skin of impurities.  If you haven’t given a powder face wash a try, I’d suggest it!

Nix Under-Eye Make-Up Creasing

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Want to say good-bye to make-up that creases and gathers under your eyes?  Yea, me too.  This phenomenon is probably my biggest make-up pet peeve.  The under-eye area absolutely needs coverage and it’s really hard to get your concealer and foundation to stay in place, even after applying the perfect layer of loose powder.  The trick to end the dreaded make-up creasing?  Using an under-eye serum, like DHC’s Beauty Lift Eye Care Essence Roll On, to moisturize this delicate bit of skin instead of your face lotion.  Yea – that means avoiding the eye area with lotions, even eye creams, and replacing the softeners with a stickier serum.  The serum dries in a fashion that is less porous, creating almost a second skin over your own, allowing for make-up to go on seamlessly under the eyes.  I learned this trick from expert make-up artist Marcus Monson on a shoot last year, and thank goodness I did!

Keep Your Foundation In Place

After a few hours, the smoothing effect of foundation just starts to melt away.  It just happens.  Unless of course you use a make-up primer to smooth your skin before applying, ensuring longer lasting coverage throughout the day.  I’m digging DHC’s Velvet Skin Coat Primer – it helps to smooth the canvas of my face, fills in any creases, and helps stop oil from coming through my skin into my foundation, essentially destroying my make-up look.  I like to think about how my primer bonds together with my foundation on my skin.  The qualities of the primer essentially lend themselves to my foundation when used together!

Get Your Eyeliner Just Right

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I’m a lady who can spot wonky eyeliner on someone from literally down the street.  Yes, my eyes are that good (JK, JK).  But seriously, bad eyeliner is just bad.  The trouble with eyeliner seems to be the fact that it’s very difficult to apply evenly.  Even someone with the steadiest of hands can have a hard time matching one eye to the next.  I’m not great at it, but I do have the best tool I’ve EVER come across that helps me get my eyeliner to the point of being acceptable in public.  So what is this magic tool?  Olive Oil Cotton Swabs, y’all.  Like, for serious.  Q-Tips are cool and all, but DHC’s Olive Virgin Oil Cotton Swabs are MAGIC, MAGIC, MAGIC.  I can fix my eyeliner over and over again with these gentle moistened swabs without ruining my entire face.  If you’ve ever re-done your eyeliner then you know what I’m talking about.


What are your go-to beauty tricks and tips?  I love sharing what I know with you, but I’m always eager to learn more so please leave ’em in the comments below!


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