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Last week I was so happy to announce my new partnership with Echo, my favorite line of silk scarves, cozy beanies, and other glam accessories.  It’s exciting for me to work with a New York City line, one that knows how easy it is to #ChangeYourStripes by mixing up different accessories for chic style in a flash.  Seriously, adding a belt here, a hat there, and a scarf over there takes any outfit from OK to WOW in about 24 seconds.


In celebration of the #ChangeYourStripes campaign, we’ve decided to run an awesome giveaway for TheLoDown readers that will help them accessorize their way into fall and winter quite cozily.  Everyone is in need of a new ruana, scarf, and hat to battle the weather in the chicest way possible, right?


We’re giving away three $150 giftcards to Echo to select product of the winners’ choosing, and the BIG OLE GRAND PRIZE WINNER will receive all 10 of my favorite picks from Echo’s new line (a $980 value).  If you’re as accessory-crazed as I am and want to enter to win, here’s what your fashionable self has to do:

Enter to Win Below &

share how you change your look with accessories (no need to be Echo products) on Instagram using

#ChangeYourStripes and tagging @echonewyork

Good luck, dear reader!  I hope you enter to win the goodies – it’s a pretty good giveaway in my most humble opinion. 🙂  The winners will be randomly selected, notified by email, and the contest goes until November 10.
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  1. That ruana is EVERYTHING. It would be perfect for my freezing office job, up coming flight to Seattle, and just every day life!

  2. I like the Everyday Ruana. Would be great for wearing in my chilly office. The vibrant teal is a beautiful color, too.

  3. Loving all of Lo’s picks. For me its a toss up between the enchanted silk scarf and the everyday ruana! How perfect would they be styled together!? In need of some new cold weather looks for my blog, The Sunny Side of Things. Crossing my fingers for the big ole grand prize!!

  4. I absolutely love the cable hat with raccoon fur pom, I love classic pieces that have a little extra fun element 🙂

  5. I love, love, love, the fringe and oblong scarves!!!! so pretty and I could definitely see myself wearing them everyday in the winter!

  6. This is such a practical approach to staying on trend! I really appreciate that this is an article that any girl could relate to, the pieces are super stylish but really well priced. Thanks for this.

  7. The ruana is so chic and cute <3 <3 <3 I love everything it all looks amazing :)!!!! Thank you so so sooooo very much this is so kind and generous and awesome and amazing of you thank you :D!!!

  8. I love that I always hear about amazing brands from your site that I have always been familiar with! The oversized jacket and hat is the perfect addition I need for my closet!

  9. Winter is definitely the time of year when accessories real play such a big part in my look. My favorite item of Lo’s picks was the Enchanted Forest Silk Scarf. The colors and the pattern are so beautiful, how could you not want that?

  10. Oh my gosh, I just love all of the pieces! How am I supposed to only choose one? That’s hard, really hard… But I guess the one piece I love the most is the purple cable hat with raccoon fur pom – so bright, pretty, warming and fluffy! I NEED it 🙂

  11. My girlfriend is OBSESSED with accssories and would be completely surprised and (hopefully) extremely happy if I was lucky enough to win one of the amazing prices! I know how she would love the silk scarf the most 😉

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