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A Scent Story

Last weekend on my panel at BeautyCon I was asked what my favorite beauty product is.  I thought about it as the other women on stage with me discussed their favorite glosses and powders, eyeliners and creams.  I was last to go and my answer struck me suddenly – above all else, my favorite beauty product is my signature scent!  Fragrance is everything – it provides that unmistakable, but hard to define allure that oozes femininity.

I like to change my signature scent seasonally, and my new favorite for fall is really a classic: Chloé Eau de Parfum.  I love a floral scent and this one has notes of powdery rose, pink peony, and freesia without being overwhelming.  That’s really the beautiful thing about Chloé – it provides just enough to make its mark, to be remembered, but also allows who I am to come through as well.  In addition to that je ne sais quoi appeal, I have 5 reasons why having a signature scent is important.

He’ll Remember You By It

First reason to have a signature scent?  He (or she) will remember you by it.  You’ve experienced this first-hand, of course.  Someone you’re interested in, or that you love walks in the door and their subtle, delicious smell hits your sensory nerve head-on, wrapping you up in this scented moment that floods your mind first when you think of this person.  Smell is the sense most closely linked to memory, and my favorite reason why wearing Chloé Eau de Parfum is important to me.


A First Impression Lasts Forever

Going on a first date?  Meeting the parents for the first time?  Trying to make a good impression with a new client?  It may sound basic but smelling wonderfully will help turn that first moment into a positive one.  Without being overwhelming, your signature scent adds that extra little something to that important initial encounter. Your new friend may not be able to recall exactly what it is about you that gave them pause, but they’ll think fondly of you forever.

You’ll Smell Delicious

This one may sound simple, but smelling nice provides an instant feeling of sensual satisfaction, happiness, and confidence.  Everyone appreciates a different scent, but my favorite is one that captures a personality well.  Chloé Eau de Parfum does this perfectly: it’s chic, complementary, addictive, and comfortable.  I love feeling this way and putting that energy into the world.


It Looks Gorgeous On Your Vanity

The added bonus of having a signature scent?  Chances are very high it’s been bottled beautifully and will look gorgeous on display in your bathroom or on your vanity!  My favorite feature of the Chloé Eau de Parfum bottle is the delicate pink ribbon wrapped around the glass.  I love displaying my favorite bottles of perfume where I get done-up everyday.  It just makes me feel good!


You’ll Express Yourself

Wearing your signature scent creates confidence within me, and that allows me to go into my day on top of the world.  In addition to choosing a scent with notes that I love, wearing my favorite perfume inspires me to express myself creatively in whatever I’m doing.  Walking down the street with a delicate layer of fragrance surrounding me is enough to take my mind to the next level every day.

What are your favorite reasons for wearing a signature scent?  Share some of your favorites and why you love to wear it below in the comments!

Choose My Signature Scent

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  1. My absolute fave perfume right now is Stella McCartney!! Obsessed. Also so obsessed with your podcast! Let’s get JoJo on the show already

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