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Hey girl, hey, and welcome to #Trending! Every Tuesday, we’ll be curating some of our favorite looks at varying price points. 

I could start off by telling you that bomber jackets are, well, you know, the bomb, couldn’t I? Before I continue on about this awesome trend, I just want to set the record straight and say I bought my first bomber jacket 3 years ago from Nasty Gal. It’s been a constant fixture in my wardrobe, so I’m pretty pumped that everyone else, cough cough Gigi Hadid is catching on.

That’s right, bomber jackets are this week’s, not to mention this season’s hottest jacket trend. Leather, fur, quilted, jersey and varsity style-you name it, you got it-you need it.

It’s safe to say that bomber jackets are almost a more elevated and edgier way to rock a chic and on-trend look without looking like the classic school girl—you know that one showing off that her varsity football captain bf gave it to her.

Bomber jackets date back to the 50’s, especially the most recent embroidered varsity ones (we can thank Sandy from Grease for that one) and with that, its undeniable that this trend is not leaving us.

So, go out and get yourself one, and be the bomb-dot-com.

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Photography via Clochet

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