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Hey girl, hey, and welcome to #Trending! Every Tuesday, we’ll be curating some of our favorite looks at varying price points.

It is time we face the harsh reality-cold weather is here to stay. It’s all about the neck this week which is why we want to complete your warm weather wardrobe, so with that-I suggest you start considering a turtleneck. It’s impossible to think about staying warm, while also achieving chic without incorporating this perfect and easy high-neck piece. A warm neck while looking good? We’ll take it.

Turtlenecks are extremely versatile, you can find them cropped, sleeveless, loose, tight, wool, cotton-along with many other options. Personally, I prefer an oversized one paired with some leather leggings and the perfect bootie, then I’m ready to go day or night.

So, it may be difficult to think of wearing a turtleneck when you want to maintain that stylish yet sexy look because of the full coverage it provides. Good news though, when paired with the perfect bottom- leather pants, tight skirt or ripped jeans, perhaps? You’ll leave the people wondering, while also adoring your flawless look.

Not crazy about the idea of something tight around your neck? Opt for one that isn’t so suffocating, check out some of my favorite turtleneck styles below, I promise you’ll stay warm and still manage to give the people something to talk about.

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