Street x Street: Bleecker St.


You know the drill: we dissect the city block by block._MG_9571

3NY @ 448 Broome St (Broome & Bleecker)

Because Shoptiques said it best: “3NY boutiques caters to: The Classicist, who embraces tradition; The Maverick, who creates her own trends; and The Eclectics, who follow their heart.”

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J.Press @ 304 Bleecker S

Known for slimmer fits and adventurous fabric choices, you’re sure to find a holiday gift for the man in your life.


Jach’s New York @ 310 Bleecker St

A haven for all things chambray and flannel, Jach’s philosophy, “A person should look great without really trying.” is music to our ears.


A.O.C. L’aile ou la Cuisse @ 314 Bleecker St

French restaurants are usually always intimate, and A.O.C is no different! Experience true French food with owner and chef’s Romain Bonnans family recipes.


Scotch & Soda @ 317 Bleecker Street

While this Amsterdam-based brand is huge overseas, it’s still only moderately known here in the US! We, on the other hand, have been loyal customers of both their men’s and woman’s (Maison Scotch) clothing for years.

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Marine Layer @ 316 Bleecker Street

This San Francisco based clothing brand has the softest clothes ever, plus everything is sustainably crafted!


Margaret O’Leary @ 321 Bleecker Street

Get a taste for the chic West-Coast lifestyle with Margaret O’Leary.


Saint James @ 319 Bleecker Street

Need a striped tee? Look no further. Saint James is bringing you the best stripes the French can offer in their West Village store. For over 150 years, Saint James has been supplying the French Navy and the French Army with their official uniform sweaters


Anine Bing @ 330 Bleecker Street

Oh boy does she know how to make a good jacket. Seriously, everything she makes is effortlessly cool.

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Comptoir des Cotonniers @ 354 Bleecker Street

The most darling French brand.


MM6 Maison Margiela @ 363 Bleecker St

Instant street style.

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Diptyque @ 377 Bleecker Street

Beautiful candles that add a little Parisian luxury to your coffee table.

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The Magnolia Bakery @ 401 Bleecker Street

On the weekends, people line up outside the first ever, itty-bitty Magnolia Bakery. The banana pudding will seriously change your life. Also, Carrie Bradshaw ate a cupcake outside of this location in an episode of Sex and The City. Good enough for us.

magnolia bakery

  1. I wish I’d explored Bleecker Street more! If you haven’t already, you should check out byCHLOE for amazing vegan food. I’m not even vegan but I found it absolutely amazing!

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