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As each year passes I focus more and more on my health and well-being.  The more I learn the better I feel, and it turns out that going back to the basics really serves to build the strongest foundation for good health.  What do I mean when I say health?  I’m not simply talking about a trim waistline, though a healthy weight is an indicator of good health.  I’m talking about what’s really going on INSIDE your body: in your cells, in your mind, in your heart.  Forget fad diets and crazy exercise programs.  Here are the 5 easiest ways to get healthy…

Wear a Wellness Tracker

Never worn a wellness tracker before?  The time is now, ladies!  Being active is a major part of good health and setting small goals for yourself to get moving a bit more everyday can have major health benefits.  A wellness tracker helps you set and achieve those goals easily.  The best part?  Gone are the days of bulky, rubber, downright ugly devices that monitor how many minutes you slept on your right side.


My favorite wellness tracker these days is made by Mira, a wellness company that is changing the way wearable technology works and looks!  The Mira Wellness tracker resembles a chic bracelet, and is available in 5 colors from Rose Gold to Polished Jetsetter.  It goes with every outfit and can be worn anywhere (you can even unclip the tracker and slip it into your pocket). It’s water resistant, syncs to an app on your phone, and tracks only the most important things: steps, calories, distance, and elevation.


I like to wear my Mira around New York City as I walk from meetings to lunches and home again, and it’s really fun to see my progress from day to day.  Wearing my wellness tracker is a great way to move a bit more everyday!  If you happen to live in the city or will be visiting on November 19th, check out the Mira Pop-Up Shop on 47th and Lex to get your own tracker in any color you want!  Give them on follow on Instagram at @MyMiraFit and send them a pic of you in your Mira using #HelloMira!


Drink (Way) More Water

Did you know that 60% of your body is made up of good, old, H20?  Water simply doesn’t quench thirst – it allows all of your major bodily functions to take place.  Without water your body does not operate at it’s peak level, leaving you dehydrated and feeling ill.  Your body uses water to digest food, remove waste, protects tissues, your spine, and joints, and to operate every single cell of your body.

Simply put, most of us don’t drink enough water.  We choose juices, soft drinks, and energy drinks to hydrate when all our bodies really want is the most basic of drinks.  Without enough water, your body’s functions are thrown into peril.  So drink up!


Walk More

Walking is one of the absolute best ways to lose weight.  Don’t believe me?  Wear your Mira for 30 days, walking at least 2 miles everyday outside of your normal activities.  Notice a difference in your overall body composition?

In addition to being GREAT exercise because it’s easy on the joints and good for your heart, it’s a fabulous way to reduce stress, lowers your blood pressure, and improves sleep.  One more benefit?  You feel less like snacking afterwards!


Turn Your Phone Off

The easiest way to get better sleep?  Turn your phone off an hour before you go to bed at night, and leave it off when you sleep.  As a lifelong insomniac I can tell you with certainty that turning my phone off has helped my ability to get a good nights rest tremendously.  The bright light on your phone tricks your body into thinking it’s daytime when it’s actually night, the buzzing noise can easily jolt you out of a light sleep, and the energy your phone transfers to your body is enough to keep you buzzing.  Add in how addictive it is to check Instagram every 20 minutes and you have a recipe for stress and disaster.

Unwind at night by saying goodbye to your phone an hour before you shut your eyes.  Trust me, that guy you’ve been texting you will be way more interested in your don’t bother to respond until the next day anyway.



In addition to my insomnia, I also have a minor anxiety disorder!  Yay, being an adult in NYC rocks guys.  Dealing with stress is tough, especially when anti-anxiety medication for the long-term is not part of an ideal plan for good health.  A friend suggested I try meditation about a year ago and desperate to do anything to make me feel better I learned about Transcendental Meditation and took a class to learn how to do it.  After 4 days of the practice, I was sleeping more easily and that lump in my throat – the one that signals my anxiety started to go away.

Meditating helps by releasing the stress you’re holding on to, leaving your brain more relaxed and your body healthier.


What are your best 5 health tips?  Share them below!


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