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Today’s “Dear Lo” is a fun one, y’all!  In the comments on a previous Dear Lo post, reader Melinda wants to know what my purse essentials are!  I love this question!  Instead of a response in a “What’s In My Bag” video, today I’m taking it to the blog and sharing some snaps our talented photog Chris Klemens and I took last week!

So…what IS in my bag?  Lots of stuff, some practical, some weird, but all very important to my busy life in the city and travels abroad!

Blister Cushions


I walk everywhere in New York, y’all.  Like, definitely 3-4 miles a day.  Sometimes I wearing comfy shoes and sometimes I’m not.  I’ve learned from Day 1 living here that the moment you feel that familiar discomfort of a blister forming on your toe, or your heel, or the side of your foot that you’re officially screwed.  There’s just no saving your skin, and continuing your walk begins to resemble the approach to the gates of hell (ah).

Unless…you have something in your arsenal to stop a blister as it’s forming, or protect one that’s already there.  My saving grace?  Compeed Blister Cushions, available in different sizes and styles (like little baby ones for your toes), that mold to your body like a thick, cushy, comfy second layer of skin to protect whatever it is that’s ailing you.  They’re honestly amazing and I do NOT leave home without them.  I’ve tried other brands of blister cushions and the ones from Compeed are unbeatable. They’re easy to apply, waterproof, and feel super comfortable in shoes.  If you haven’t tried this brand, do so! They’re available online and at Walgreens.  GO!



I’m a California girl and I don’t leave home without my sunglasses EVER.  Not at many New Yorkers wear shades as consistently as I do – if you visit NYC from LA you’ll notice this, but to hell with ’em.  My sunglasses are a part of my look, cover up tired eyes in the morning on the way to and from the gym, and help me avoid eye contact with strangers when powering through the city streets (ha).  My faves right now are my brown “Leonard” style frames from Illesteva.  Love them!

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Gloss & Make-Up

My lips chap really easily so I always have a lip salve handy.  One of my all-time favorites?  Smith’s Rosebud Salve of course!  I like the tube, but it comes in a tin and different flavors.  Also in my bag?  Some type of powder/color combo – like this Anastasia Contouring Palette that includes both light colors for powder, and darker colors of contouring on the go.  It’s the perfect multi-use palette.  I love it!
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Card Holder

I hate carrying a bulky wallet around.  I traded out the bulk for something more simple, and in my opinion versatile and chic. Enter the card holder wallet – a petite version that carries the bare minimum: a few slots for credit cards, ID, and metrocard, and a center area for a few small bills.  This Saint Laurent version fits in every bag I own, even a very small clutch.  I’d suggest trying this out – I think you’ll love it!

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Travel Perfume

I’m obsessed with smelling nice, even on the go after a long day.  I’m a huge Byredo fan – one of my signature scents in Black Saffron and I also loooove Pulp.  They’e crafted these handy travel sizes perfect for your purse that comes in a 3-pack, and these nice leather containers that fit one small bottle perfectly.  The leather holder comes in different colors and styles and protects your perfume from potential breakage in your bag.
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What are your purse essentials?  What do you think of my list?  Let me know in comments below!  Thank you to Compeed for partnering with me on this post today!


  1. Lo, I love your essentials list! You should proofread your posts before going live – just a friendly piece of advice. Ox

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