Gift Guide: Treat Yo Self


[title subtitle=”(from you)”]Gifts for you[/title] Every so often, I’ll stumble across a quote on Instagram that asserts the true and luminous joy of self love. “Love yourself first,” the quote would read, “for then you’ll know what you deserve.”


A little too corny for my taste, I always keep scrolling. Perhaps it the heartbreak or two I’ve conveniently shelved in my subconscious, I’ve learned to make the adage a natural reflex. Haters gonna hate, so I’m just gonna shake (it off).

But here’s the thing: every time December rolls around, self love, for me at least, has a whole new meaning. Forget Santa, I’m making the nice list my betch. I deserve—wallet approving, of course—everything I can afford. Trust me, there’s no time or excuse like the holidays to treat yo self.

New Outfit

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Anyone who knows me knows that I have an unusual penchant for racking up evening gowns. So, by “New Outfit” I really mean new gowns. It’s silly, I know, especially because  buy them without balls or events in mind. I just like to have them and unfortunately, there’s very little logic to it.


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There’s something undeniably special and sexy about thigh-high lace-ups. Here are some of my faves.


PicMonkey Collage

I’m a big supporter of gifts that keep giving. This year, Dogeared partnered with Penh Lenh to help combat gender inequalities and support underdeveloped youth in Cambodia. Every purchase of their necklaces and bracelets go towards ensuring a happier future for otherwise at-risk women.

If jewelry with a conscience is your thing, Stand Up To Cancer also has quite the selection of on-trend bling. Again, parts of the proceeds go towards funding for cancer research.


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A sucker for stationery, I’m bestowing you with three must-buys for 2016. Seriously, people, who says no to puffy alpaca stickers?


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Last, but definitely not least, the things you never knew you wanted but now have to have: the More You Gnome Zen Garden, the Cool, Calm, and Connected Bento Box, and the Tequila Mockingbird drinks manual.

Photography via This Humble Home

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