[title subtitle=”For the Win”]DIY Lipsticks[/title] Bite Beauty is one of my favorite brands. Why? Because they have amazing pigmented lip products that are 100% natural and smell divine. Yes, you can literally take a “bite” out of any of their lipsticks!

So, imagine my enthusiasm when I discovered that they have a brick and mortar in the city where you can customize your own lipstick. I immediately booked an appointment for myself and two of my closest friends. After a long awaited month, I made it there just in time for my birthday weekend.


The Bite Beauty Lip Lab is located in SoHo at 174 Prince St. Upon walking in, my friends and I were greeted by an employee who was really patient with us throughout the whole process. I recommend having an idea of what kind of color you’d like your lipstick to be before your appointment to save both time and trouble!

This time, I decided to go with a redish/orangish shade, mainly because I’ve been searching for the perfect orange tint to go with my skin tone.


To start, the beauty expert gave me some delicious exfoliator and a lip mask to prep my lips. We then discussed the type of shade I was looking for before she started mixing colors to produce what I had in mind. After letting me try the color on, she mixed more colors with slight variations in softness and brightness to make sure we had created the perfect orange shade. A few swatches later, I settled on one that had just the right balance of subtle and flashy.


Next, we moved along to the flavor station. The general area, mind you, smelled so good! You’re allowed to combine up to three flavors together. I chose the Citrus Mango scent because I thought it paired well with my color.


The beauty expert then began making the lipstick by taking tiny pieces of color from the plates behind her. She then mixed in the fragrance oil and placed the finished concoction into a centrifuge. She confirmed the color matched what I wanted a final time before pouring the liquid lipstick into a mold to freeze on some ice.

You get to choose your own lipstick cap packaging from one of the four designs pictured above. These cap shapes represent the different ways that women wear down their lipsticks. I picked the first one on the far left because I thought it looked interesting.


Thank you, Bite Beauty Lip Lab! I enjoyed my custom lipstick experience and will definitely be back to customize another color!