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A couple weeks ago, we caught up with Ali, founder and CEO of curated wellness essentials, Luxe Kits. Forgot to bring your toner, dry shampoo, or fragrance to the gym? Ali’s got you covered. In fact, she doesn’t just have you covered with the bare minimum. No. She’s got everything from Goldfaden MD’s exfoliators to BYREDO’s Gypsy Water.

Seriously, check her out!

What inspired you to start Luxe Kits

I actually work in digital advertising, but my true passion is fitness and wellness. I started working at a boot camp on the weekends just to understand how the backend of boutique studios work. From there, I realized there was a need. I was always running from work, to a workout, to dinner with friends, and I was always forgetting either deodorant or dry shampoo. It’s always a good idea to have a few essentials with you, so I felt there was a [common] need  for gym bag essentials.

I started to reach out to fitness influencers, bloggers, and instructors to make connections and [to] see what they carry around in their personal gym bags. From that I developed a product that made sense and was customizable.

What were the main hurdles you had to get over when you first started?

Initially, when I was reaching out to brands, they were like “Uh, no. We’ve never heard of you, we don’t want to get involved at the moment.” I had one amazing brand, Goldfaden MD, that said yes. Once I had them on board, I was able to leverage that connection and other brands were then like, “Oh, this is actually a good idea!”

Was there one moment that was kind of the rewarding moment?

We actually got asked to do Heidi Klum’s Halloween VIP gift bag. So I had friends come over for wine to fill up the kits.


Wait, pause, so how did did you come up with the name Luxe Kits?

The name was initially “Fit Kits”. I played with the name a lot because I wanted the brand to be able to expand beyond just fitness. I see it being used on airlines [and] in hotels. There’s so much potential.

Is it subscription-based or do people pick it up in the gym?

Right now it’s not subscription-based. We’ve launched E-commerce. You can also purchase the kits at the Barre East Studio, they’ve been a great partner for us.

What’s the price point?

Right now, the mini kit goes for around $20-25 and the larger luxe kits are $40-45.



How is Luxe Kit different from something like Birchbox or other beauty curating companies?

So we’re not focused on beauty at all. Our approach is on skin care and wellness. There’s no makeup. We’re really getting back to the basics.

Okay, Luxe Kit aside, tell us a little bit about you!

I went to barding school and that definitely shaped who I am as a person: super independent, super motivated, and driven. We would do two hour workouts everyday. I’ve tried everything [from] field hockey, [to] track, [to the] swim team. I ran long distance. Coming out of that, I went to college in the city and got involved in FlyWheel, SoulCycle and then found Barry’s Bootcamp and became obsessed with it. I’m really into HIIT training, boxing, strength training, that kind of thing. I love yoga, i think it’s important to balance, but I’m doing one to two workouts per day. 

Any words of wisdom? 

Follow your gut, it’s so important to find something you love because this is your whole life. It’s such a drag when you’re in a job only to pay the bills.


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