[title subtitle=”Do It Yo-self”]DIY[/title] Sometimes life gets real busy. Sometimes time gets the best of us. Sometimes you’re a last minute-kind of person. And, sometimes being a last-minute person, although not exactly ideal, is completely okay.

With everyone more or less running around trying to get last-minute gifts, I thought I’d share one of my favorite last-minute DIYs.

Here you go, peeps! Here’s how to make your own thoughtful holiday card.


[title subtitle=””]Gifts[/title]


  1. Cut pieces of gift wrap in squares and rectangles to fit card horizontally
  2. Glue the gift wrap pieces onto the card
  3. Tie strings into a bow and place them on top of the glued gift wrap pieces.
  4. For finishing touches, add additional vertical or horizontal strings to the gift wrap pieces.


[title subtitle=””]Christmas Tree[/title]

  1. Cut the green felt pieces into similar triangles
  2. Cut the brown felt piece into a small rectangle for the tree trunk
  3. Glue the felt pieces together
  4. Decorate the tree with mini pompoms (ornaments)


[title subtitle=””]Ornament[/title]


  1. Start by cutting out a circle for the ornament, making sure there is still space to decorate on each side
  2. Glue the felt circle in middle of the card and decorate with mini pompoms and/or string (I used red and yellow mini pompoms and green string)
  3. Use the black marker to decorate the card as you please (I used the ornament to act as the “O” in J-O-Y)

I hope these fun DIY GIFs were helpful in your last-minute holiday planning. Stay tuned for more DIY on the blog. Happy Holidays!