2016, We’re Comin’ for Ya!


[title subtitle=”Quotes to get you through the new year”]Uplift and Inspire[/title]

With the new year approaching, I’d like to share some of my favorite motivational quotes. I started playing with calligraphy a few months ago and created an Instagram dedicated to lettering. It has since become one of my favorite hobbies. There’s something about ink flowing onto paper that I find incredibly therapeutic.

Anyway, I hope these quotes uplift and inspire you as you transition into 2016! Let me know if you have a favorite or an inspirational quote of your own!

[title subtitle=”You do you”][/title]

[title subtitle=”Gain Perspective”][/title]

[title subtitle=”Yes, You can”][/title]

[title subtitle=”There is no time like the present”][/title]

[title subtitle=”Just a little bit of pixie dust”][/title]

[title subtitle=”Commitment”][/title]

[title subtitle=”Letting Go”][/title]

[title subtitle=”Open heart, open mind”][/title]

[title subtitle=”Why else?”][/title]

Cheers to 2016!

Calligraphy via @bristlesproutsco

  1. The open heart, open mind quote really resonated with me. Your calligraphy skills are amazing. Now I want to take it up myself. Did you take lessons or buy a kit from an art store?

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