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2016: new year, new me. Amiright? Okay, more like new year, who dis, but, like, who’s keeping track?

My aunt recently bought me a bkr water bottle in hopes that I will actually commit to my New Years resolution of drinking more water. Folks, I’m happy to report that it is working!

Speaking of new things, I stopped by Sephora to pick up the 8.4 oz size Dr. Jart+ Dermaclear Micro Water after finishing my Birchbox sample. Unlike alcohol-based toners, this one does not leave my sensitive skin dry.

Oh, and I’m showing my Various Projects DON’T DULL MY SPARKLE, ASSHOLE keychain some love because it’s been an incredible conversation starter.

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“I’ve been on the hunt for a semi-long, black, puffy coat with a fur hood (that isn’t too crazy) for a while now. I saw this Calvin Klein jacket and realized it was everything I have been looking for. It’s so comfy and warm—everything a busy person needs in the winter.

Okay, this backpack is a little crazy, but crazy in the best way possible. I got this from Brooklyn Cloth and it’s honestly the coolest backpack. As you can tell, it’s super reflective when light hits it.

Nothing needs to be said about the Adele record. Adele is a God.”

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I am obsessed with bomber jackets and have been looking for a satin one in the right hue for forever. I was at a Scotch and Soda event when I spotted this one. I immediately knew I had to buy it.

I got “Bossypants” for Christmas and am in love with Tina Fey. It’s literally the funniest thing ever.

I also got this Polaroid—basically my dream come true. The film is mad expensive though so you gotta make sure it’s a good pic before you waste that $$$.

Flash Tats are fun to have on hand. They’re more so for the summer time, but they still came in handy on New Years.

My keys have to be big enough so I can find them in my purse. It’s a strategic tactic. Hence, the giant P keychain. My favorite bauble is the gold and turquoise horse shoe my best friend gave me when I was 14!

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    1. Hi, Evelina! The Seven Year pen is eco-friendly and made in Switzerland by a company called Seltzer. Like its name, it promises a 7-year supply of ink. It’s quite handy. I’ve only hand it for a month so I can’t speak for it’s longevity just yet, but we can definitely touch base in seven years 😉

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