I wrote off chokers when everyone started rewearing those plastic ones from the 90’s. To be completely honest, I wore one, without fail, from the ages of six to nine. Actually, I still have it! It’s in my baby box right next to the onesie I wore home from the hospital. Even so, I just don’t think they’re that tasteful. Since chokers are here to stay for this season at least, I figured I might as well experiment and make room for them in my style. Here is what I learned:

  1. Don’t wear a choker for the sake of wearing a choker. Make it work.
  2. Layering is your best friend. Combine thin ones with different fabrics or cascading gold chains.
  3. Don’t spend $15 on a choker that you can make with a quick trip to Michael’s.

Seriously, go to Michael’s and buy ribbon/rope/whatever your heart desires and voil√† a DIY! I bought suede ribbon, velvet ribbon, and leather cord.






In case these don’t do it for you, here are some other options that are TLD-approved.

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