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But first, lets take a trip down memory lane…

Bear with me. This exercise requires trust. And, by trust, I really mean I’m wholeheartedly trusting you NOT to post any of the following pictures on Reddit.

See that girl with the unhealthy chunky belt obsession? Believe it or not, she was me roughly eight years ago. Back then, I wore belts with everything—shirts, skirts, and dreadfully skimpy tank tops (yes, I was guilty of those too). You could say that the the thick belt and I were never one without the other. In fact, I still remember this one time, my freshman year of high school, when my mom, the doll that she is, suggested I “add a chunky belt” to an already amazing-looking dress. I, of course, immediately did so without question. You see, she and I were very much for the “overdone” look. But, like most first and fickle relationships, with their unpredictable ups and downs, the belt and I didn’t last.

Still, belts have continued to remain on my trend radar. Everyone knows they’re the go-to accessory to create the illusion of slimmer waists. It’s either that or they add pizzazz to a boring outfit. Actually, I’m going to go ahead and say that they’re great statement pieces for women of all figures.

To prove my point, here’s another MAJOR throwback.


Refrain from judgment. I know. The change is drastic. I used to use my belts on bloat days. Anyway, the picture on the right shows my modern day mastery of belt use. The silver accessory added oomph to my otherwise simple jumpsuit from Anthropologie.

So here’s my parting advice: don’t be afraid to emphasize your waist to create a more feminine look. Flaunt what you’ve got! Oh, and browse below at some of my favorite belts.

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Calligraphy by @bristlesprouts

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