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My love for the bling began in sixth grade when my Dad and I both decided he’d gift me jewelry every Christmas. Whether it a bracelet, necklace, ring, or earrings, I’ve always treasured our tradition. Of course, it’s no secret our sacred ritual took some convincing to start. But Dad, being the amazingly generous man that he is, eventually caved. The best part about our agreement? I usually get to pick the piece that he buys. Like I said, Dad’s amazingly generous.

My fascination with jewelry, however, stems from its ability to dress up any outfit. And, regardless the price, it’s always timeless. I still own, for example, my Tiffany and Co. silver locket necklace. Even though I haven’t worn it in years, it sits at a special corner in my jewelry box.

In terms of tastes, I’m a simple kind of girl. Because I like wearing my hair up, earrings are my usual go-tos. In fact, empty earlobes scare me. And, for that reason alone, I’m rarely without my studs. Other than earrings, the most you’ll probably see me wearing is a necklace—nothing too over-the-top or flashy.

Still, at the end of the day, I’m convinced that the timeless nature of jewelry stems from the unique stories we associate with each piece.  My 21st birthday gift from my best friend, a stunning pair of gold and rhinestone two-piece earrings, were ultimately special not because they matched my aesthetics, but because they were carefully chosen and gifted by her. The same can be said for all the pieces my Dad and I have picked out together over the years.

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