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When Breath Becomes Air was a refreshing read. I really can’t recommend it more. It’s Dr. Paul Kalanithi’s memoir. He was a neurosurgeon at Stanford, finishing his last year of residency, before ultimately losing his battle to lung cancer March of last year. What makes life in the face of death worth living? Not only does he ask and answer that question, but he does so with eloquence, elegance, and poise. Read it for the English, read it for the content. There is no losing here. His wife, Dr. Lucy Kalanithi wrote a beautiful op-ed in the New York Times. I highly recommend you read that too!

Since swapping out my lotion for body oil, I haven’t looked back. I can say with confidence the sweet almond one that I use doesn’t leave a oily residue. I usually pair it with an essential oil for both the added fragrance and health benefits.

As of late, two lip products have stolen my heart: the Lipstick Queen in Hello Sailor and the Too Faced Lip Insurance Lip Primer. The blue Hello Sailor lipstick changes color to a plummy and natural-looking pink when applied, and the lip primer actually makes sure a lipstick doesn’t budge. Hello, long-wear!

Last, but definitely not least, my Stand Up To Cancer bracelets from Alex and Ani. Jewelry that makes a difference makes a statement.

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& a Wildflower Drizzy iPhone 6 Plus Case

The Oh Wonder album is incredible. I love it on vinyl especially because records make me feel so calm and relaxed. It’s super satisfying for a rainy (or snowy) day.

My absolute favorite thing is this Eat More Tacos pennant. I was with a friend in a store called Pink Olive and saw this. Because I am the fatass that I am, I needed to have it on my wall. It’s definitely one of my 2016 mantras.

Finally, this face wash is incredible. I lather in on my face, in the shower, for a few days in a row anytime my skin is breaking out. My skin clears up and I become more confident. 10/10 would recommend.

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It was a “Take Your Daughter to Work” week. When the weather in Panama looked warmer than the weather in the city, my Mom and I followed my Dad on his business trip to Panama City. Full disclosure: I did not realize how far south Panama was. I could basically see Columbia. Yup, so there’s that.

We spent exactly one day exploring the city before retreating to our lounge chairs to soak in the sun. You know that low-key storm that wiped out the entire East Coast? Well, I wasn’t there to witness it. What a shame. I was basking in 92 degree heat and loving every minute of it.

That said, I didn’t have a lot of essentials this week. I was either wearing a bikini or hotel robe. It should be socially acceptable to wear robes anywhere and everywhere. Anyway, my beach reads this week were Deluxe by Dana Thomas and Grace Coddington’s memoire. If you enjoy learning about the fashion and luxury industry, I highly recommend Deluxe. It gives a detailed history of everything from the perfume industry to Tom Ford’s tenure at Gucci, to the man—no, the wizard—behind the curtains of LVMH. I’m about halfway through Coddington’s memoire. It’s as delightful and as interesting as she is!

Let’s see, I have sunscreen because I don’t want wrinkles. Oh, and water because heat leads to thirst. And, sunglasses because a girl’s gotta see. Also, my favorite bikini this week is from Oysho, it’s cheeky and tropical—completely different from the parka I will be donning when I get back.