It’s winter, sure, but boy do I love a Garden Party.  Who doesn’t?  Bringing the outdoors in, gorgeous flowers everywhere, and a plant-based menu?  Sign me up!
katespadebookI love a good coffee table book and recently picked up “All in Good Taste” from kate spade new york.  It’s a hardcover book that shows how to transform dinner parties into splendid affairs.  The “Garden Party” featured spoke to me so much that I decided to host my own Garden Party at my new apartment in Tribeca yesterday afternoon.  I have a new dining table to break in – It seats 8 people and is the biggest table I’ve ever owned.  As a chronic dinner-party host, I’m so excited to put my dining room table to frequent use!


Check out the video and all of the details below!

The Details

Let’s start with the table settings because frankly, they’re just gorgeous.  Because I can’t help myself I treated my boyfriend and I to some new china for our home.  We’ve been in need of some nicer place settings and The Signature Spade Collection from kate spade new york fit the bill perfectly.  I wanted a traditional china pattern for my first set: the combination of the platinum accents with soft pastel geometric shapes lining the rims of each piece are so lovely (and perfect for my Garden Party).


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I also added some lovely champagne flutes with platinum and rose gold accents, cute clear water glasses, the Library Lane silverware collection, and I finished each person’s place setting with a single yellow tulip tucked into their napkins.  I folded the napkins with flowers in mind and came up with a floral-inspired shape for each person’s plate.  I like folding napkins and placing them on the plate…it creates an additional decor element than simply laying silverware on a nicely folded linen to the side of a plate.

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The Look

I myself wanted to look a bit ethereal for my Garden Party so I opted out of my normal black on black on black and chose my absolute favorite color to wear instead: light pink!  The reality is that pink hasn’t been just for little girls for some time and it makes me oh so happy to be able to find light pink sweaters, skirts, and dresses for my closet’s pleasure.  This Tari Dress is absolutely so special, so girly, made with layers of soft silk and perfect for anyone who wants to feel feminine.  The black bow (I gotta get a little black in, come on) is the cherry on top, cinching in the waist and adding just the right amount of detail to the beautiful shirtdress.  I chose the Corina Flats because not only are the quite stylish, they’re also easy for me to cook in and entertain my friends!  You can also catch my floral print oven mitts towards the end of the video as I lay a fresh quiche on to the table.  If you’re oven mitts are adorable, they count towards all around outfits points!

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The Garden

By now you’re probably wondering when I’m going to get to the flowers and my spectacular vases, ya know the “garden” part of my Garden Party.  The answer is: right now!  If you’re hosting your own Garden Party during the colder months, or if you don’t have a garden to host one in just do as I did and bring your favorite flowers indoors.  There’s no reason why you can’t enjoy gorgeous blooms all year long, especially when you put the floral arrangements together yourself.  I’m a bit of a flower purist (I made that up) and I prefer to put a single type of flower in a vase.  Many florists do a combo of 3-4 varieties but I think a single type is really so lovely.  I chose tulips for yesterday’s gathering in orange, yellow for the place settings, and a touch of pink to display around my house.


Tulips are easy to buy at your local farmer’s market or grocery store, relatively affordable, and last for days.  They’re the perfect flower!  Even though I typically select neutral tones in my wardrobe, decor and furniture selections I go nuts when it comes to colorful flowers!  I chose classic, milky white vases (also available in pink) for my table, that beautiful kate spade new york pink and white striped number you see above for the window, and this outrageously fun green and gold vase for my dessert station.

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The Menu

I think that a plant-based menu is wonderfully appropriate for a Garden Party.  We all need more Meatless Mondays in our life (or Meatless Garden Parties on a Saturday) so I went with vegetable based dishes for my friends.  The great thing about a plant-based menu is that you really do take into consideration many different types of restrictive diets all at once: vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, etc.  You can create different dishes with all of these elements, or most of them so that your guests feel welcome upon arrival and full when they leave!

The New York City Farmer’s Markets have so many wonderful selections year-round that I picked up the majority of my vegetables from the market closest to my house.  I also made homemade macarons (pistachio, a salted caramel, and passionfruit) and got some gorgeous floral cupcakes from a bakery down the road.  The final, sweet treat?  Stroopwafels, the Dutch caramel and waffle cookie’s my mom made growing up (she is from Amsterdam).  I love introducing stroopwafels to my friends and sharing a bit of my family history with them.  Here is the full menu below:

Braised Tofu with Spinach and Peppers

Fingerling Potatoes with Mustard Seed and Cashews

Roasted Carrots, Sweet Potatoes, and Turnips

Asian Kale Salad



Pistachio, Salted Caramel, and Passionfruit Macarons

Floral Vanilla Cupcakes

Coffee Chocolates

I hope you guys enjoyed this behind the scenes peak at my Garden Party!  I had a wonderful time buying new pieces for my home to celebrate, creating a plant-based menu for all of my friends to enjoy, and having everyone over for a great Saturday afternoon of fun!  If it was your party, how would you decorate and what would you serve?  Let me know in the comments below!