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I was the poster child for hair-envy throughout middle school. Blessed with pin straight hair, I’d wake up in the morning, get ready, and go to school. Combing, or styling my strands, was always optional. But, when the world lost its love affair for straight hair, my genetic blessing became a curse. At one point, I was so desperate for bouncy waves, that I tried a digital perm. Of course, it failed miserably. Surprise, surprise. Because of that, I’ve learned to embrace curling irons. So, for someone who doesn’t like curling wands, I have to say the KISS InstaWave is godsend. While it was slightly intimidating to use at first, the automatic curler became my go-to after watching a few YouTube tutorials. Not only does it shut off after 90 minutes of use—yay, safety—but InstaWave really does create those beautiful and highly sought-after tangle-free curls. Trust me, this curl aficionado would know.

It’s no surprise I racked up quite a few things from The Face Shop after learning about their brick and mortar in K-Town—43 West 32nd Street to be exact. I double cleanse my face twice a day and exfoliate it two times a week so the brightening oil cleanser and aloe vera face wash have respectively replaced my empty ones from Muji and Tony Moly. Oh, and I recently invested in eye-cream so there’s that too. Preventative measures, ya know? Really tapping into my Asian roots here.

A friend recently gifted me The Girl on the Train. I’m roughly a 20 pages in. It’s a New York Times Bestseller so I have my fingers crossed that it’ll be a good read.

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I am obsessed with this suede hat from TopMan. I literally wear it five, if not seven, days a week. I’m pretty convinced I have an addictive personality. It’s either that or I give no $#%!s about my hair.

As someone who rarely sleeps, this Origins under eye cream is godsend. Not only does it de-puff and lighten, but the formula is also natural. I really can’t rave enough about it.

I came across this Montblanc cologne by chance while shopping with a friend. I think I said something along the lines of “Oh my God! I need this.” So, I bought it. It’s super masculine. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments while wearing it.

Last, I found this Paul Arden book randomly in a Barnes and Nobles. Everyone should own a book like this. You instantly feel motivated and rejuvenated after reading a chapter.

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I’ve developed a thing for the House of Dior. Last night, for example, I watched the Dior and I documentary for the sixth time. After doing so, I went on Amazon and ordered eight books about the fashion house. I know, it sounds crazy, but I’m fascinated and I love it!

My best friend bought me this Scotch & Soda blouse for my birthday. I love wearing it with my Zara latex superwoman-esque boots.

I finally invested in a point-and-shoot camera that I now carry around with me everywhere. Chris gave me suggestions on what to buy and I settled on the Olympus Pen E-PL7. I choose it because the camera an sync photos wirelessly to my phone which is extremely useful for social media.