Old School Planners (GIVEAWAY!)

We’re 21 days into 2016. I think it’s time I confess I’m absolute shit at keeping New Year’s resolutions. Two years ago, for example, in the heat and huzzah of new beginnings, I had this ambitious idea of starting a personal blog. My dream, despite my grand intention, was short lived. Like the final days of a dying car engine, my voice sputtered, my commitment wavered, and my craft died. 2014, without doubt, was off to an amazing start.

[title subtitle=”To help you get through 2016″]What You Need[/title] Author’s note: We originally published this article two weeks ago, but because you guys liked it so much, we’re republishing it with a Passion Planner giveaway! The rules are simple. Follow @thelodownblog and @passionplanner on Instagram AND tell us what your goal for 2016 is by commenting below! Then, click on the Rafflecopter link and enter your details for a chance to win.

We’re 21 days into 2016. I think it’s time I confess I’m absolute shit at keeping New Year’s resolutions.

Two years ago, for example, in the heat and huzzah of new beginnings, I had this ambitious idea of starting a personal blog. My dream, despite my grand intention, was short lived. Like the final days of a dying car engine, my voice sputtered, my commitment wavered, and my craft died. 2014, without doubt, was off to an amazing start.

2015 was not that much different. Let’s just call it the year of my NOT best body. Don’t get me wrong, I hauled my ass to the gym. While I did rather infrequently—plus or minus three times a week—there was no question that I did. Still, truffle fries and pastries galore were prioritized over six-pack abs. It’s no lie that I had difficulty curbing my snacking habits even when my skin broke out heavily in protest.

If you’ve read this far, you’re probably wondering, Paula, what the hell does your rant have to do with “old school” planners? And, how much salt should we take with your advice?

Don’t worry, darling readers, this commitment-fearing, stationary-loving Managing Editor of TheLoDown (I know, I just name-dropped so hard) has it all figured out. It really just comes down to two things: digestibility and accountability.

Towards the end of last year, I bought myself a pen and paper planner. A techno-gadget whiz at heart, I decided to forgo iCal and Google Calendar for a more “old school” approach. Of course, I heavily researched the agenda book market before I finally settled on the Passion Planner. Ever since I started using it, as early as late last June, I’ve done a much better job at combatting my commitment phobia. A goal-setting guide on top of a journal, on top of a weekly appointment calendar, my planner has helped me break down my goals (working out, cough cough) into more digestible pieces. It’s incredibly easy to give up when a goal seems too difficult to attain. As someone still working towards those abs, I would know. But, through trial and error, I’ve learned that old school planners, especially those with goal-setting attributes, are the perfect tools for creating the mini steps towards success.

Let me walk you through five of my favorites planners.


[title subtitle=””]Passion Planner[/title]


Famous for its “Passion Roadmaps”, the passion planner encourages users to write out goals that range anywhere from short term ideas to lifetime dreams. Through guided brainstorming exercises, the planner helps users breakdown big goals into digestible and achievable mini goals. A weekly calendar with time slots by the hour, the planner makes staying organized a priority. Aside from the personal and work to-do lists and weekly and daily focuses, the planner even has a “Monthly Reflection” section for users to check back in on their progress.

Honestly, for someone who still needs their hand held through life, the Passion Planner has been my savior. And, just in case I didn’t do a good job explaining all of its perks, YouTuber, Aja Dang, does a pretty stellar job detailing everything in her “How To Achieve Your Goals” video.


[title subtitle=””]Get To Work Book[/title]


If you don’t need an hour by hour timetable like I do, the Get To Work Book might just be the ideal planner for you. It’s beautiful, minimalistic, and easy to use. Like the Passion Planner, the Get To Work Book also has a goal-setting component. In fact, it has 16 “project breakdown” pages, 13 “reflect and goal-set” pages, not to mention, 12 motivational prints that can be easily removed and used for decoration. Best of all, it’s made from 100% recycled consumer product waste. Holler! Also, an extensive walkthrough video of the planner can be found here.


[title subtitle=””]Bullet Journal[/title]


The Bullet Journal is a little more complicated to explain. Think of it as an organization system—a new customizable way to combine your to-do list, sketchbook, notebook, and diary. My list-loving friends all swear by this bullet point approach. One or two have even sworn it to be “extremely therapeutic.”

If you’re a visual learner, this video will serve nicely as meditative Bullet Journal introduction. Otherwise, if you’re a kinesthetic learner like moi, this walk through is much more helpful.


[title subtitle=””]Girlboss Planner[/title]


While I’m usually one for the LBP (little black planner), Girlboss caught my eye. It has just the right amount of girly-girl bling. Like it’s goal-setting counterparts, Girlboss comes complete with a weekly schedule and a “goals and priority” section. Best of all, it’s ideal for the health conscious individual who could use a little help with budgeting and meal planning.


[title subtitle=””]Erin Condren LifePlanner[/title]

(Photo: Katrina Runs)

Erin Condren has a cult following. Have you seen the “Plan With Me” videos on YouTube? Um, depending on the week and on the YouTuber, those videos can last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. I know. Insane. Trust me, you get sucked as soon as you start watching. Consider this your warning.

But, like all seemingly crazy things, there is a method to the LifePlanner madness. Users can pick between a horizontal or vertical layout and can customize their own planner covers if need be. While the LifePlanner doesn’t exactly help its user break down large goals, it comes with a mixture of lined pages, designer blank pages, graph pages, and motivational quotes to help maximize positivity and productivity. Basically, if stickers and aesthetically pleasing prints are your thing, this planner’s the one.

Featured Image via Bofink.

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    1. Hi, Connie! Thank you! I’m so glad you enjoyed it. I just took a peek at your latest blog post. I have to say, my planner is no where near as neat or as organized as yours. Everything is so beautifully placed!

  1. prefer you to use polite language in your posts…. no need to be potty mouthed esp for sb I thought was classy.

    1. *Hi, I prefer that you use language that is more polite in your post. There isn’t a need to be potty-mouthed—especially for somebody whom I thought was classy.Also, Paula, I quite enjoyed the tone of the piece!! Thanks for keeping the post relatable!

  2. Love it! It’s so easy to get disorganized when it comes to goals. Breaking them down into the smaller parts is essential.

    1. Personally, my goal for 2016 is to save money and thinking about small ways to do it helps ladder up to big changes!

  3. My goal this year is to organize my life and set daily goals. Achieving them will make me feel successful and will make me happier.

  4. My goal is to read 30 books!! I will accomplish by making sure to rea every day no matter what by waking up early

  5. My goal for 2016 is to try to stay in the moment. I spend too much time thinking about the next moment and what I have to do that I miss out on the current moment! To reach this goal I’m going to practice mindfulness and mediation, and I’m also going to allow myself a certain amount of time each day to plan and work on my to-do lists so that it can’t take over my whole day. I’m going to try to catch myself in the moment when I find my mind wandering and ruminating.

  6. I’ve never been out of California. My goal for 2016 is to make one trip nationally and one international. Thinking east coast and Costa Rica ??

  7. My main goal for this year is to finishing getting everything in order to apply to a Physical Therapy program. Definitely going to need help staying organized!

  8. My biggest goal for 2016 is to make the most of my days. Which includes waking before my family does and sticking to my daily schedule so all tasks are accomplished. Hasn’t been the easiest so far!! LOL

  9. My goal for 2016 is to apply to grad school for physics! I plan to do that by breaking down the process into manageable steps and setting deadlines for myself!

  10. I already know what my goal for 2016 is and it’s just one simple word: Happiness. Ever since I’ve graduated college I felt a bit lost. I’m stuck in this job that has nothing to do with my major doing mediocre work with no enthusiasm. I’ve been applying to so many places with nothing to show for it and no change. I feel like I’ve lost my passion. I want to reinspire myself this year and kick into high time with the changes I need to make.

  11. My goal for 2016 is to finish my first novel! I’m halfway through it and I know with a little more motivation I will be able to finish it! There’s so much going on right now but I am trying to find motivation to finish it!

  12. My goal for 2016 is to take more time out for myself! I will achieve this by shutting off all of my electronics! Have a great year!

  13. I am obsessed with the passion planner, I have been wanting one for so long!One of my biggest resolutions this year is to manage my time better so that I don’t get too stressed out and don’t have any freak out moments and breakdowns.

  14. I do not know if international! but I loved the post and I love planner! I’ve always wanted one! this year one of my goals is to finish college and start working! and I think a planner to help me a lot!

  15. My goals for 2016 are simple: create & blog and create a content calendar that fosters great content, AND stop putting my goals on hold. And so far, I think I’m off to a great start. But I definitely need to stay consistent with my organizers for both my blog, Instagram, and my every day life (I’m a 10th grade teacher!).

  16. One of my goals this year is to plan my life better, I’ve been trying to get my health back and trying to apply to graduate school. I remember how organized my life was when I was in school and how that shouldn’t change now that I am working. I love the little quotes and the monthly reflection pages that the passion planner gives – hopefully if I could win this gorgeous golden planner, my life would be equally as golden.

  17. I love my passion planner! It’s has really helped me really unplug and reconnect w what I have to get done. I have MASSIVE goals for 2016 (make the biggest paycheck of my life, help the most people ever before achieve their goals, travel the most I ever have in a year, spend as much time w myFamily as humanly possible). Passion planners are my JAM!

  18. I love my passion planner! It really has helped me unplug and reconnect. I have been more productive and less busy since it because a staple of my life. I have MASSIVE goals for 2016, and I’m so pumped to earn the larges paycheck of my life all by doing what really fuels my soul (helping others become hopeful, inspired and driven towards their greatest selves) and being able to affect real change in myself and others. Makes my soul swoon!

  19. I have been planning, wishlisting and goal chasing since my high school days! I will pull out any book and there is a goals list in the somewhere. I generally keep them all in a box now and on the odd ocasion where I do a spring clean I come across my lists and feel accomplished in what I have acheived. I randomly stumbled across the passion planner early last year after many dairies and notebooks later I have definitely found the perfect planning diary for me! Life is good, and this year my plans are very diligently colour co-ordinated in my passion planner. It will be my first year of university after a good 5 years of soul searching and figuring out exactly what I love doing. To survive my first year of uni is top of the goals list this year alongside opening up a house deposit savings account, travel to New Zealand with my sister and live a more minimalistic life in regards to buying things I dont need.

  20. My goal for 2016 is to focus on myself! Cheesy huh? When you focus on yourself everything seems to go a lot smoother and you feel more relaxed and secure. Eat healthy, workout, focus on your dreams and be the best I can be! 2016 is for treating yourself because you deserve it!! ?

  21. My BIG 2016 goal is to help empower others to disregard the status quo to discover and create their dream life if health, wealth and freedom. Staying organized enables me to reach more people and spread the love!

  22. One of my goals for 2016 is to lose the last 20 lbs of my 60 lb weight loss goal! Having lost 40 lbs, I’ve never felt better or healthier.

  23. My goal for This year 2016 is to stop procrastinating and be more proactive in every aspect of my life, and I really think that this planner will be a exelent way to start

  24. My biggest goal in 2016 is to learn to love myself. I’ve been struggling with the whole concept of loving myself for about 8 years now. Growing up, I was bigger than most girls because I LOVED to eat. During sleepovers, my friends would borrow each other’s clothes and have fun but I couldn’t fit in to any of them. That really took a toll on me and lowered my self esteem but what really played a huge roll in to lowering my self esteem was my stepdad’s side of the family. They couldn’t find it in their hearts to accept my mom and I, so when i was younger I was forced to be a part of a family where everyone treated me like an outsider. From then on, I was this person with many insecurities and I was never confident in myself, my looks or what I had to offer. It affected the way I saw myself, I presented myself, my relationships with boys, my friendships, and it held me back from opportunities. This year I want to change all of that because it’s time to really appreciate what was given to me and to find out what my purpose on this earth really is.

  25. I love my Passion Planner. It has been so helpful in keeping me accountable to myself. My goal has been to keep a regular exercise schedule, even when the cold winter is demotivating me. I’ve got my hot yoga and cross country skiing workouts planned for the week so I know I can fit it in. Still working on sticking to my meal plans but that’s what goals are for 🙂

  26. For the LE Passion Planner giveaway (as seen on your and passion planner’s instagram) I would like to share with you my goal for 2016.
    I work hard every day to make animals’ lives less painful, less ill, less difficult, less unpleasant, in every way that I can. I am a passionate veterinary technician. I recently graduated from an AVMA accredited institution of veterinary technology and am preparing to take the National Exam this April. Taking and passing this most anticipated exam of my life up to date is not where my goal for 2016 ends. Immediately following this exam, I will be returning to school to take my life goals a step further. I’ve decided to go to vet school, but until then, I have pre-requisites and the GRE to accomplish. That’s where the passion planner comes in as my best friend to help me organize all these goals. Multiple goals to reach one massive goal.

    I already have my passion roadmap all drawn out. I just need the resource to help me plan every step I take on that road, to help me #StayGOALden 😉

  27. I will use my New Passion Planner to take charge of my health and to finally create a life that I love ??☺️

  28. Wow. I feel like you just wrote about MY life. At the end of 2015 I decided that google Calendar wasn’t getting me anywhere and that I needed an actual pen & paper planner system to organize my goals. I downloaded the Passion Planner and have loved it so far! One of my goals for 2016 is to go to bed and wake up earlier.

  29. Great article on the different planners!! My goal for 2016 is languages. 🙂 I’m learning intermediate Spanish and my goal is to be fluent by the end of the year; meanwhile I already speak 2 Filipino languages but since I’m planning to study there I need to be able to talk fluently about things like politics and history. The passion planner would be perfect in helping me achieve these goals because it would keep me motivated by reminding me why I’m passionate about it, while keeping me on top of my vocab practice and immersive techniques!! Thanks guys, keep it up!

  30. My goals for 2016 is to be happy with the things I do, not overthink things and just go with the flow and enjoy life 🙂

  31. One of my goals this year is to explore how to help other PhD students like myself! I also want to get my health back on track by tracking my food intake. I read about the Passion Planner today in my advance copy of Born for This, and I felt that I needed one immediately!!

  32. I love the idea if the passion planner! One of my goals for 2016 is to grow my start up business. I moved to another country where I don’t know anybody so it’s difficult to network but I’m getting there, step by step 🙂

  33. Number 1 goal is finding a new job, this planner would be great to keep all my meetings scheduled and notes together!

  34. Awesome post, I’ve always had a love affair with planners. So I was drooling over all of them!
    My goal this year is to establish better habits.

  35. My goals for 2016 are to reduce my stress and anxiety by planning out my weeks using this amazing planner. I want to be a happier, more positive person!

  36. One of my goals for 2016 is to become a homeowner. I’m very excited since I finally decided on making Atlanta my home?.

  37. I love the passion planner! I’d probably use to help me accomplish my goal for 2016: carving out time for my personal development. I’m trying to shift the focus from my work/professional life, to spending time on myself – rekindling old hobbies that I let go of in the past (namely drawing and writing), and challenging myself to step out of my bubble. I’ve gotten stuck going through the same motions, so the goal is to not only make time for what I love, but have as many enriching and new experiences as possible.

  38. My goal for 2016 is to find a job in the industry I love, which is the entertainment industry. I graduated with a PR major and would love to utilize that in the field.
    To do this, I am going to get to know more about the industry by reaching out to executives or anyone in the field who can give me advice or tell me about their experiences. By using the passion planner, it can help me map out how I’m going to achieve this in the end of 2016.

  39. One of my goals is to get a promotion this year! I have so many projects to keep track of as we expand our company from a painting to a painting AND remodeling company. I am the office manager, marketing assistant, scheduler, accounting assistant, website editor and a lot of other hats including my boss’s babysitter. On top of that, I am the mother of a 2 year old teenager and wife to an outside salesman who leaves to Seattle a LOT. I have a lot on my plate and I just need a better way to organize my life! I’m also trying to lose all the baby weight that just won’t go away. Gah! Thanks for considering me 🙂

  40. My goal is to pursue more of my passions, like knitting and being creative, in spite of the major time constraints of grad school.

  41. My #1 goal for 2016 is to apply to grad school for a Master of Public Administration degree and, of course, get accepted!! My passion planner will be helping me with every step along the way <3

  42. My 2016 goal is to build a life in my new city of Denver, Co. My adventurous spirit has finally found a city to grow roots in and I’m so excited to see what this year brings.

  43. My goal for 2016 is to stay committed to using my planner because I tend to forget to use it a lot. It has helped me tremendously for me because I’m in my senior year and I don’t want to miss any deadlines!

  44. As I entered college, I’ve been so focused on academics that I stopped doing some things I enjoyed. For 2016, my goal is to find something I’m truly passionate about and seek opportunities that help myself grow.

  45. My big 2016 goal is to make time to paint and draw more weekly. I have some projects that I dream of launching and my artwork needs to happen in order to bring them into being. 🙂 Thanks for this great article. A planner is a definite help to reaching my goals.

  46. As a teacher, I rely heavily on planning and one of my goals for the year is to plan more and better. Thankfully, I have found a planner that I actually enjoy using! My passion planner has become my wing woman!!

  47. My main goal for 2016 is just balance my life I have a tendency to just let things pile up and I never get to anything! I’m in college and work part time so it’s very challeging to have everything together and also I want to workout more I’ve been starting to but it’s very hard for me to to find the motivation to do so! I love this post and thank you for having the giveaway!!

  48. My biggest goal for 2016 is to learn to love myself again and to gain the confidence to live free of my worries.

  49. Absolutely love my Erin Condren Life Planner… But I agree – total cult following. So thinking about switching over to Passion Planner. This year my goal is to get my house settled! I’m talking walls painted, repairs done, and decorating complete. This is no small feat for my 1960s home… But a must in order to prep for kiddos next year- yes, babies! Hoping to make my goal happen by winning the Passion Planner givaway!

  50. My goals for 2016 include finding a personal training job, qualifying for the World Irish Dance Championships, and applying to graduate programs in Nutrition and Environmental Health. However my biggest goal, above all else, is to spend less time trying to be perfect and more time trying to be happy.

  51. My main goal for 2016 is to embrace this season of my life as an empty nester. I am rediscovering myself. My likes, dislikes, fears, dreams forgotten, etc. The woman I am is not the girl I used to be prior to motherhood and I am looking forward to living my life to the fullest of my ability and with purpose.

  52. My biggest goal for 2016 is to finally unpack those last few boxes left over from our last move. Granted, they’ve been taped and sealed since 1999 and I am not 100% sure of what is in there, but I am up for the challenge!(I know. I know. If I’ve not needed or missed it in all those years I probably should just donate it, but hey, where’s the fun in that?)

  53. One of my goals for 3016 is to continue to better myself in terms of how I manage my time. This semester has been pretty crazy for me, and I’ve come to realize how important organizational skills are… and how I could stand to improve my own! ?✌?️

  54. I’m planning on studying for the GRE (taking it in April!), applying for a public health related job for the fall, and applying for a for-fun job this summer that’s related to anything I love to do in my spare time: bird research, or event planning or who knows! Eep!

  55. Goal#1. Wake up early every morning to spend time with God. Goal#2 My goal for this year is to planned a family vacation to Disneyland. We saved money since last year to be able to go to vacation in May for my kids birthdays. Goal #3. I will put more hours on my online business so I will be able to pay half of my debt. Pray for me. Thanks.

  56. My goal for the year is to find work/life balance that allows me re-learn photography, travel to take some pics of amazing memories, and spend more time with friends and family. #passionplanner

  57. My main goal this 2016 is to have everything organize and worry free especially in my daily studying schedule so that i can keep on track and become more motivated, be productive almost everyday, stay healthy and be more confident.

  58. This 2016, my aim is to become more organized in everything and worry free especially in my everyday study schedule so that i can keep on track of my study, become more motivated, stay healthy and making every single day as productive as i can.

  59. 2016 is my year to go explore a new places, learn something new (sewing), focus on my career and finally getting my drivers licence.

  60. My goal is to finally start planning a social enterprise idea and find a mentor that would guide me with executing it in the future. Also, I would like to take the GMAT and start applying for grad programs (for dual MBA/MPA programs) that focuses on social entrepreneurship and corporate social responsibility.
    The reason I have these goals in 2016 is because I’ve been complacent in various 9 to 5 jobs since I graduated from my undergrad studies. Though I’m grateful for those experiences, I don’t feel like I’ve been living out my FULL potential and passions by embarking on the “traditional” route. I really want to use 2016 to fuel my passion for helping others and making a difference through planning and executing a sustainable business plan and working towards my future grad school education. I’m in need of this planner to remind me of the very reason why I want to accomplish these goals, which is to ultimately impact others’ lives.

    Lastly, I want to be more diligent with my health/fitness goals. I want to lose some weight, but essentially start having a healthier lifestyle by doing better meal planning and creating gym workouts ahead of time.

    IG: krystalhollie_xoxo

    Thanks again for this giveaway contest!! 🙂

  61. My goal for 2016 is to finish my dissertation. I am a 5th year clinical psychology student and I need to jump this hurdle to finally get my doctorate!

  62. Fall 2015 was my first semester of grad school. It had been a little over 2 years since I completed my undergrad degree and I decided to try and only use apps on my phone to keep track of everything (I had always used paper planners in undergrad). Turns out, the tech-only route did not work well for me. I have a lot of vague goals that I want to accomplish and I am having trouble getting my thoughts organized so that I can clearly plan how I want to achieve them. For example, I am constantly tired so I really want to exercise more and eat healthier. I also want to complete several online courses in programming, Excel, and IT. I want to learn Spanish. I want to create a blog and YouTube channel. I want to get better at playing the piano. I want to write an ebook. There are just so many hours in a day and these goals can be so difficult to prioritize. Thank you so much for this post, these planners all seem like excellent resources.

  63. Love you blog! Ended up here from IG and so glad I did! I have several goals for 2016 all of which are vague and unable to be measured. Would love a Passion Planner to help me organize my goals and get them on paper, with purpose.

  64. Actually, my goal this year is achieve goals! haha. That’s still a goal though.. I am working on being more focused, procrastinating less and doing MORE! If i can get that right then I can actually set goals and reach them instead of failing almost every time…

  65. My goal for 2016 is LESS. Less pounds, less stuff, less stress. I *really* want a Goal-don Passion Planner!

  66. My goal for this year is to expand my preschool. I own a preschool in the Philippines and I am partnering with 2 teachers who have been working with me for a long time now so that they can own their own branch of my preschool

  67. My goal for 2016 is to believe in something. I always thought that my destiny would be determined by my actions… But I have come to learn that some things are truly out of my control. I want to start believing that everything happens for a reason.. And that what’s meant to be will be.

  68. I love Passion Planner! I also love this post ease in every business/Entrepreneurial group I am in, someone is always asking about the best planners!My goal for 2016 is launch my blog sharing my journey with chronic illness and how I’m managing it with natural sources. I hope to reach people struggling with the same issues I have for so long, and share with them all the ways to manage their health with food and lifestyle changes. I belive I’m here to help others and I’m so passionate to do so! Staying organized is a big struggle for me and I’m deff a pen and paper kinda girl!
    Good luck to everyone with their 2016 goals. You are all worthy of your dreams and deserve all the hapiness! ♡

  69. My goal for 2016 is to do well in school and make better financial choices. The motto I have for myself is “cultivate success”. I have realized to have the nice life I want I have to work hard for it. Sow the right seeds so to speak.

  70. This is awesome! I often read these wrap up of available planners, and I’m familiar with every one, but this list has a couple of options that are new to me. I’m excited to take a closer look at them. My personal goal this year is to make self improvement a priority by focusing on my health and on goal setting and self reflection. I think the Passion Planner is perfect to help me do that!

  71. My main goal is to finish editing a 12 book fantasy series I’ve been working on. Originally I wanted to have it ready to release next year, but I’m not sure that’s realistic if I want to give it the care and attention to detail that it deserves, so just making it through the first round edits is the goal for 2016.

  72. My goal is to get organized for school and be on top of all of my assignments! To stop procrastinating and make sure all of the tasks I need to get done, get done! I mentor a group of students to help them with their transition to college and I believe that having one of these planners will reflect positively on them. I can serve as a good role model with the amount of organization this planner will provide and it might even inspire them to get one of their own!

  73. In addition to getting more healthy, my target goal for 2016 is to stop comparing myself to others and to focus on just me. I look around and am not happy where I am because I feel others have more, but someone will always have more and doing that will mean I’ll never be happy. Therefore, I hope to learn to be happy and content with where I am in life. That doesn’t mean not reaching for my goals, but it does mean learning to accept things as they are.

  74. For me and some of me friends, we’ve dubbed 2016 “the Year of the Butterfly”. To say 2015 was a difficult year is putting mildly. Change and growth is always that way. But from that come the metamorphosis into something beautiful, a butterfly. This my goal for 2016 is simply to remember each how far I’ve come and be grateful for where it’s gotten me. This will allow me to fill 2016 with the love and joy that was missing last year. Working on that base, only great things can flow! From caterpillar to butterfly. Hail 2016!! 🙂

  75. My goal for 2016 is to go back to school. I graduated in 2015 with a degree in English and this year I want to go back and get into law. I want to see how much potential I have to help people in this world, and I think that this is the best way for me to do that!

  76. Love love love!!Planners help keep me on track although I haven’t invested in one this year??!!
    My 2016 goal is to find one thing everyday to move me outside of my comfort zone!! Eek!! Sooo excited to see where I end up ?

  77. I am days away from having my third baby, so 2016 goals for me include be patient and kind to myself as I traverse the ups and down of post partum and newborn craziness, loving my other two kiddos as they adjust and making my relationship with my husband more of a priority.

  78. I’ve been given the gift of time – having my teaching hours cut back this year… This means less consistent income for this mum-of-one, but more determination to achieve this years goals: spending more quality time with my little boy (and going on adventures) while succeeding with my creative ambition of making Art Out Loud NZ a profitable business (and having fun along the way!) Would love to log and doodle all this in a gorgeous GOALDEN passion planner! x

  79. I love my passion planner! This is my second year using one and have shared with friends how amazing it is and they are all ordering, yay! My goal for this year is to be my healthiest/best self by eating right and exercising and being grateful! I use my planner to schedule my work outs everyday and write what I am grateful for ☺️

  80. Hi Paula, I really enjoyed your post. “Year of the not best bod” was def. relatable. Wish this post exsisted when I was first looking into a planner. I tried my hand at using a planner last year without success. Reflecting back, using two different planners ( one for work, one for personal) was too much. This year, my plan is one for both to help me break down my 2016 goals.

  81. My goal for 2016? Be happy.
    Too many times, you hear people complaining about the little things, not having enough money, needing more in life–but never so much on being grateful for what they do have. Having been suckered into all of that my whole life, I’m taking 2016 as a personal adventure in achieving happiness. Not by aspiring to have more, but simply enjoying what I do have and being grateful for all of my privilege. I’m using this year as a journey and exploration of self–traveling to see more of the world and open up my perspective, continuing my love of music and dance to open up my creative outlet further, and spending time with loved ones.

    My goal for 2016 is to be myself–and be damn happy about it.


  82. My goals for 2016 are hefty! To build solid relationships, become an epic Dungeon Master (for my geeky kids), create 3 successful businesses, get outside in nature more often, and add more spirituality to my daily life. Now, I’m off to go work on my goals and enjoy my Saturday!

  83. My goal is to rock out in the leadership development opportunity I’ve been given at job. I have several workshops,conferences, meetings and modules I have to complete in the six months. I’m also doing some designation testing, running a small discussion group at my home and working on my spiritual life. I’m a busy girl and need to keep all of my passions organized! The passion planner is PERFECT for me!!!

  84. My goal for 2016 are to dream big. This year is a year of a lot of changes for me and everyone around me. I will be graduating from college this year and starting my first real job. What I have realized from the past year or so is that I have built an incredible foundation that has allowed me to come as far and be as successful as I have been. Now, in the dawn of my professional career, is the time to dream BIG. It’s time to be mobile, adventurous, engaged, hopeful, but also thoughtful, reflective, and caring. I can afford all these things now and I think it’s often been easy to get caught up in routine and forget that living the moment in full fervor and engagement is, in the end what matters in being gaol driven and achieving everything I wish to achieve and more. How will I do this? …. Through a series of calulated risks, ambitious goal-setting, and alongside a strong support network of relationships. Cheers to the rest of 2016!

  85. In 2016, my intention is to stop dreaming about plans and make them my reality. I’m learning to organize my thoughts, goals, dreams and through that I am learning what I am truly passionate about- people and different cultures. I am just about a year into my full-time career and I love what I do, but there are a couple of personal ventures I would love to pursue. Even thinking about taking the risk to start a business is incredibly scary but I am realizing life is too short to just “wish” you had done things. My late sister Christine, who was such a creative and beautiful soul, would have jumped on the opportunity to travel, experience different cultures and just live life with an open heart and mind. I want to do all the same in her loving memory and mostly, for my own journey to fulfillment. Here’s to making taking that risk and leap of faith to making it come true in 2016.

  86. One of my 2016 goals is to squat my body weight. 3 months ago I started lifting for the first time and had squatted just the bar. Now I’m 20 pounds away!

  87. My main goal for 2016 is to say yes more. In the past, I have said no to various opportunities out of fear: fear of failure, fear of the unknown, and fear of my insecurities and short comings being exposed. My goal is to pursue my purpose and my passion with full energy and with intentionality. The Passion Planner will definitely help me achieve this goal.

  88. My goal for 2016 would be to really press into the Lord with my husband to really discover who He plans for us to be. We both have such similar goals and desires, but sometimes how we check off our day-to-days tasks is so different that it feels we aren’t moving forward together as much as we’d like.

  89. My goal for 2016 is to become more organized! I agree, pencil and paper planners just add that old school charm!

  90. One of my goals is to start saying yes to myself. One of the first ways I want to achieve this is the simple act of carving out time to exercise. Long story short – it has been a rough journey for the past two years and it’s time to start reclaiming and redefining myself.

  91. My goal for 2016 is to find a career I am passionate about. 3 years out of college, and I still feel like I’m working just to make a paycheck, not doing something I love. this year, I’m committed to figuring out what it is that gets me up in the morning.

  92. My main goal for 2016 is to honestly seek God through prayer and bible study. While there are so many other goals that I have such as get a job I want or pass an exam, I realize that I am nothing without God. Just sitting here and typing this message means I am alive and breathing because God loves me.

  93. This is great! MY goals for 2016 are: finish grad school, accept a job in my profession to support my family, and THRIVE!!

  94. Ahh, Passion Planners are a DREAM.
    My 2016 goal is to make a true grassroots, person-to-person impact with my work projects. This year, I’m partnering with traditional Moroccan storytellers, technologists, and talented folks who are both of those things to create a language storytelling project to preserve indigenous Amazigh stories as well as amplify the voices of Moroccan youth telling their own stories.

  95. I’m dying for a Passion Planner to help me more effectively reach my 2016 goals of getting my life more organized/less chaotic, and pushing my home-based business to thrive without letting it control my life. I’m great at being organized for a week but have trouble maintaining it in the long run!

  96. Paula thanks so much for sharing! I just wanted to let you know that I can relate to you so much because I have commitment phobia as well. I’ve really been struggling to lose all the weight I gained during undergrad (30lbs making me incredibly overweight) because I have really failed at staying committed to my diets and workouts. It doesn’t make it any easier that I’m a grad student and trying to get into medical school either. With my busy schedule, I lack any structure to ensure I not only successfully matriculate into medical school in the next few years, but also lose weight and get my old body back. It is my life long dream to serve members of my community through the healing power of medicine, however, I can’t do that unless I take control of my own health NOW! With a passion planner, I know I can have a start at success and work towards fulfilling my dreams 🙂

  97. This year, I’m putting forth an effort and intention to be engaged.But when I say I want to be engaged, I don’t mean I’m looking for a fiancé!
    I mean I want to be engaged in the sense that I’m mindful of the people and surroundings and culture and the spiritual warfare around me. I want to establish meaningful connections with the person on the other side of my coffee mug or in the booth across from me at dinner or in the passenger seat of my car. I want to lean in and connect with the stories being told. I want to actively console the sorrows being shared. I don’t want to go through conversations absentmindedly anymore. Because after two decades of being distracted by tomorrow and by my phone and by what’s happening in my peripheral, it’s about time I was engaged fully in these moments.

  98. My goal is to get through this year! I’m graduating with TWO degrees in two months, moving away from home to a completely new city, starting my career and starting a whole new life! I’ll need all the help I can get to make it through! But I’m also excited for what this year will teach me

  99. My goal is to use my Passion Planner in order to generate 100K by December 24, 2016. I am a networker. I protect families. Last year, I used the PDF version. That was a test drive to see if it would be a good fit for me. I love technology, but sometimes it isn’t the best fit for me. I meet people almost everyday. The challenge is keeping track and not over booking. By planning my day, I found I have to plan EVERYTHING! The day will slip through the cracks. Even grooming and eating/preparing for the day takes valuable time out of your schedule. My goal is to meet with 5 people daily. I inserted an income producing chart in my planner. I record the number of calls, appointments and the results. A ratio will appear from the results which will drive my activity. I used the Passion Planner to first brainstorm what i needed to do to accomplish my goal. I plugged in the events that are monthly commitments, shopping, cooking, grooming and income producing activity can be placed in the time remaining in the weekly calendar. At the end of the week, I can quantify my results. I evaluate my activity monthly and make adjustments. Consequently, my Passion Planner goes everywhere with me. When I attend events, I use the blank pages for taking notes from the speakers that have already accomplished my goal. It is the best tool I have ever used for my business. Because of the Passion Planner’s appeal to entrepreneurs, I have purchased a set for an entrepreneurial program so they too can track their progress toward their goals.

  100. My goal for 2016 is to finally be organized! I have my first baby due at the end of March and I want to try to get my life organized before that so I can balance work, home, baby, and life when the new bundle arrives!

  101. Ive been drooling over Passion Planners for some time now because i know it will finally help me see a creative project to the end! My goal this year is to see a creative project of mine finally hit the launch stage (I am currently writing a mystical adventurous YA novel) <3

  102. I feel like i’ve been looking for a planner like this my whole life! Two of my goals this year are to drink more water and get more sleep.

  103. Great writeup! Will definately appproach you for the review of my upcoming planner notebook on kickstarter

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