[title subtitle=”Volume Rose”]Matrix Oil Wonders[/title] Oil is the last thing your hair needs when you want volume, right? Wrong. In today’s day and age, we’re conditioned to believe that oil, whether it on our T-Zones or our scalp, is bad. In fact, we rely on so many products to rid it from out skin.

Until I knew any better, I overloaded on toner and skimped on moisturizer all while hoping and praying that by doing so I would slow down the amount of greasy residue that oozed from my pores. My hair, on the other hand, was lucky if it came in contact with a conditioner. I wrongly believed that replenishing my strands with the oils I washed away while shampooing would only make me need to wash them again the following day.


Believe it or not, our body naturally secretes oil to lubricate our skin. The more we try to strip away the oil, the more our body works in overdrive to it. It’s mind-blowing to think that greasy hair is the result of a dry scalp. Our roots are simply working extra hard to keep our hair moisturized and lustrous.

Knowing that oil is helpful and not harmful has changed my beauty regime. Keep reading for my tips on how to achieve voluminous curls.

Step One: Priming

I’ve recently been obsessed with the new Volume Rose line by Matrix Oil Wonders. Not only are the products silicone-free, but they also cleanse my hair without leaving an oily residue.

To achieve maximum volume, I usually give my strands a pre-shampoo treatment. An oil mask of sorts, the treatment helps nourish my hair and reduce breakage.

Step Two: Cleaning and Conditioning

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OWVR Shmapoo For Fine Hair
OWVR Conditioner For Fine Hair

When shampooing, I concentrate on the roots of my hair. I move my fingertips in a circular motion all over my scalp to give it a quick massage and boost blood flow. After washing the shampoo out, I condition my hair from ear-level down.

Step Three: Styling

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OWVR Plumping Mousse
OWVR Finishing Spray

Before blowdrying my hair, I like to scrunch a dollop-sized amount of pumping mousse into my hands and apply it to my strands. Then, after blowdrying, I complete the look with a finishing spray to ensure long-lasting volume.