[title subtitle=”I’m About to Revolutionize the Way You Fly”]Brace Yourself[/title] Here’s the hard truth: traveling is tiring for the skin. Believe it or not, humidity levels on airplanes are lower than those in the Sahara Desert. So much for wanderlust, right?

A seasoned traveler, I know my way around high altitude dehydration. Trust me, for someone who hates drinking water, I’m quite a champ when thousands of feet above ground. I only chug, of course, in the name of beauty. Dehydration exaggerates jet lag, propels dry skin, and increases wrinkles. Thank you, but no thank you.

Besides drinking water, I swear by a five-step beauty routine and product must-have mishmash that I’ve perfected over years of air travel. Prepare to change the way you fly!


1. Toner

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When flying, especially on long-haul flights, I make sure to bring my toner. Because I’m almost always running to my gate (don’t worry, I actually enjoy the thrill of doing everything last minute), my face is usually covered in a thin film of oil and sweat by the time I settle down in my seat. After cooling down and catching my breath, 10 or so minutes after take-off, I rummage around my carry-on for a Ziploc baggie of pre-toner-soaked cotton pads. Then, much to the amusement of my fellow passengers, I fish one or two out and begin wiping away the airport pollution and dust from my face.

Let me shamelessly tell you that toning your face at 35,000 feet above ground is life-changing. Removing whatever sebum produced during the hustle and bustle I had to go through to get on my flight and restoring my skin’s natural pH balance actually calms me down and helps me feel less icky.

TIPS: Instead of saturating my cotton pads on the airplane, I pre-soak them at home in the safety and comfort of my kitchen. Doing so makes it less of a hassle to check and pass the liquid allowance for TSA. When choosing a toner for flight, go for one that has hydrating and clarifying properties. While alcohol-based toners are great for oily skin, they will dry out the skin too much in the stale, circulated cabin air. If you wear make up to the airport, micellar water can be used as a substitute for ridding the skin of foundation, mascara, and other impurities.

2. Treatment Masks

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Sheet masks are amazing at restoring moisture to your skin. There’s no reason not to use them on flights. In fact, Pretty Little Liars actress, Shay Mitchell, swears by their many beneficial properties that instantly refresh and brighten travel-distressed skin. While I can’t guarantee whether or not you’ll freak out your seat mate or if a close-minded passenger gives you the stink-eye, I can guarantee you’ll be the last one laughing all while walking off the plane looking and feeling like a million bucks.

TIP: Apply the sheet mask on after toning. This way, your clean skin can absorb all the mask’s hydrating, brightening, and clarifying juices.

3. Moisturizer

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After applying my sheet mask, letting it sit, taking it off, and patting in the remaining essence, I finish off my in-flight beauty routine with a moisturizer. Any moisturizer of your choosing will do. I personally like to hydrate my face with Argan oil before applying and reapplying a super hydrating cream.

TIP: You can only topically hydrate your skin so much. Remember to also drink a lot of water. 8 or more ounces for every hour is generally a good rule. Oh, and stay away from alcohol if you can!

4. Lip Balm, Eye Drops, and Dry Shampoo

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Even though we’ve concentrated the majority of our efforts into making sure our faces remain plump and refreshed, it’s important not to forget the smaller extremities that can also be tell-tale signs of fatigue. Your lips, like the rest of your body, is just as affected by the unnaturally low air cabin humidity. Show it tender, love, and care, with a lip balm if not a lip treatment. To keep your eyes from drying out and your hands from rubbing them when they do seem to dry out, pack a small vial of eye-drops. I like the minty feel of Rhotos, but choose whatever works best for you. And, bring along a travel-sized dry shampoo to lift and refresh dull hair.

TIP: To avoid static-ky hair, bring one or two dryer sheets to run along your strands from root to tip. The dryer sheets also make for amazing hair perfumes!

5. Facial Mist

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Before stepping off the plane, I usually spritz myself with a face mist and I strongly urge you to do the same. Spritzing is great for dry, flaky or easily irritated skin. Aside from hydrating properties, some even boast radiance, anti-inflammatory, and pore-tightening benefits. They’re the perfect post-flight “pick-me-up” to seal in all your hard work.

TIP: If you reapplied make-up before landing misting can help you achieve a dewy glow.


What Holy Grail travel products do you swear by? Let me know!