[title subtitle=”How to nail the minimalistic look”]Spring into This[/title]

With Spring just a few weeks away, it’s time to think more about transitioning into the new season and less about dark, moody colors. To help set the tone, I’ve gathered some of my favorite nail looks—think simple, minimalistic, but still trend setting.

Mani-pedis are a constant in my life. In fact, I often come home from school, on a random day, just to get a manicure with my mom. If you think that I’m OCD about what I wear, you’ll probably think I’m manic about my nails. Trust me, I devote a lot of attention and care to their length, health, color, and shape. In the past, I’ve always been known as that girl who experiments with bold colors in the warmer months. I’d almost always be wearing a shade of hot pink. With my trip to Aruba just three days away, however, I’ve decided to trade in that hot pink for a softer, pinkish-nude.

If there’s one thing I want to leave with you, it’s that less is more this year. Pale pinks and greys are definitely the move for Spring 2016.


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