[title subtitle=”Tried and true cleansers”]Just add water[/title] As you all know, I’m a big fan of skincare. I love trying out new beauty products, especially out-of-the-ordinary face cleansers. In addition to my recent micellar cleansing water discovery, I’ve also stumbled upon exfoliating powders and have been obsessing over the ones made from rice bran.

First things first, exfoliating powders are water activated. Not only does this make them convenient for travel (bye leaks and spills!), but it also makes them equally easy to store. They’re quite natural—paraben, sulfate, and phtalate free—a huge plus in my book! And, best of all, it never gets old watching the powder turn into a milky texture when mixed with good ole’ H2O.

Et voilà, here are two of my current favorites:

[infobox subtitle=”” bg=”blue” color=”white” opacity=”off” space=”30″ link=”http://rstyle.me/n/68ufvbfv27″]Tatcha Polished Classic Rice Enzyme Powder[/infobox]

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This is, hands down, the most gentle exfoliator I’ve ever used. I pour about a teaspoon of it into my hands, add some water, and rub my hands together to create a foamy lather. Then, I massage it onto my face for about 10 seconds before rinsing the product off. The foam acts as 3-in-1 exfoliator, cleanser, and toner. The result? Polished, bright, and super soft skin. In fact, the exfoliator is so gentle that I use it daily!

Tatcha’s Polished Rice Enzyme Powder comes in different options that cater to all skin types: Classic (normal skin types), Gentle (dry skin types), and Deep (oily and active skin types). I have normal skin that is slightly sensitive and dry, so the Classic works great for me. It’s also the only one that comes travel-sized (you know how much I love my minis).

[infobox subtitle=”” bg=”pink” color=”white” opacity=”off” space=”30″ link=”http://rstyle.me/n/uaqsabfv27″]Boscia Tsubaki Oil-Infused Exfoliating Powder[/infobox]

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This Boscia one is a great alternative to the Tatcha and my official runner-up powder exfoliant. Infused with tsubaki oil, it hydrates and firms the skin simultaneously, while leaving it cleansed and exfoliated. When mixing with water, you can tailor the level of water added depending on the amount of exfoliation needed. For a lighter exfoliation, I dilute the powder with a bit more water. When I need the extra exfoliation, I press the powder directly onto my damp face and massage it in from there. Instead of water, you can also add cleansing oil to the mixture to amp up hydration benefits. Like Tatcha’s powder, I find Boscia’s exfoliating powder to be just as brightening.

Let me know in the comments below if you’ve also tried these products out and love them, or have any recommendations for other tried and true powder exfoliants!

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